Missouri Sheriff Refused FBI Audit: “I’ll Go Down With the Ship if Necessary.”

Faye Higbee
missouri sheriff

There’s a bit of a rebellion occurring in the ‘Show Me State.’ Missouri Sheriff Bryan Whitney even issued a letter to his constituents that said he would not comply with an FBI audit. It is unclear exactly what the FBI letter said to make the Missouri officials so upset, or why they thought the FBI was after CCW permit holders, since audits of 24 Missouri Counties are set for next week… audits which are normally routine and usually have nothing to do with CCW permit holders.

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“As the sheriff of Scotland County, I want all my citizens to know that I will not allow, cooperate or release any CCW information to the FBI, ‘even at the threat of a federal arrest. Point Blank, ‘I will go down with the ship if need be.”

Missouri Sheriff Bryan Whitney

MO Attorney General, Eric Schmitt also slammed the FBI by sending a letter to Director Christopher Wray that they must “cease and desist” from attempting to gather information on CCW holders in Missouri. Fox reviewed the AG letter to the FBI.

The FBI has absolutely no business poking around in the private information of those who have obtained a concealed carry permit in Missouri. The Second Amendment rights of Missourians will absolutely not be infringed on my watch. I will use the full power of my Office to stop the FBI, which has become relentlessly politicized and has virtually no credibility, from illegally prying around in the personal information of Missouri gun owners.

Missouri AG Eric Schmitt

In California recently, a breach of CCW holder information occurred from the State. It exposed gunowners personal information to anyone who happened to read it. They do not trust the Federal Government, and especially not the FBI. Can’t blame them- it’s been a real snarl for years now.

Overreaction? Serious distrust?

The FBI periodically conducts audits of law enforcement records, and has since the inception of computer based agency entries. If an agency’s records are not kept properly, the first violation is a mark against them. IF the violations continue, their terminal access to FBI records is removed. In my 31+ years in law enforcement, they never asked for anything other than random crime reports such as Grand Theft Auto, Wanted Persons, Protective Orders, specifics that were entered into the computer system for law enforcement officers across the nation. If a police officer arrests a person in stolen car that is no longer stolen…you can see why the records must be accurate. That’s what the Bureau calls “compliance”.

“At no point would auditors require access to lists such as state approved concealed carry holders, nor would the CJIS Division retain information beyond what is necessary to address a specific compliance concern. The state has been through this​ routine audit multiple times, most recently in 2018.” 

FBI Statement

The reaction of these Missouri officials speaks more to the serious distrust that the FBI has created for itself because of its political leadership. The current administration seeks to disarm Americans, and they are working hard to do just that. It won’t work of course, no matter how many mentally challenged people murder others. And that goes for a lot of us. But we are thankful that these Missouri officials, including a Missouri Sheriff, are protecting their constituents from government overreach.


Featured screenshot via patriotgunnews.

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