Missouri Senate Votes to Nullify Federal Gun Laws Deemed to Infringe on Gun Rights

second amendment split

It seems that Missouri lawmakers are so ticked off with the current political garbage aimed at the Second Amendment that now the Missouri Senate Republicans have voted to nullify all Federal Gun Laws – past, present or future if they violate citizens’ gun rights. The House passed a similar bill previously, but now since the Senate changed a few things, it goes back to the House. If it passes there, it goes to Republican Governor Michael Parson.

The Bill passed the Senate with the “minimum” votes required to survive a veto. But isn’t that what California has done with their “sanctuary” law? They’ve nullified Federal immigration laws and Federal enforcement of them. If Democrats can do it, why can’t Republicans do it?

(This story has been corrected to reflect the name of Missouri’s Republican governor, Mike Parson.)

The Kansas City Star reported,

Senators voted for the bill along party lines with Republicans in support and Democrats in opposition. It would declare “null and void” any past, present or future federal law deemed to be an infringement on gun rights for law-abiding citizens.

Federal agents who knowingly enforce those laws could face civil penalties stemming from lawsuits filed by Missouri residents who think their gun rights were infringed. Those workers would also be banned from future careers in state or local enforcement.

“We want to cause a reason for law enforcement to have a healthy pause before they might infringe on the Second Amendment rights of Missouri citizens,” said Sen. Brian Nieves, R-Washington.

One of the major differences between the House and Senate is the punishment for federal workers who enforce certain gun laws. The House version would only allow agents to be sued and would not subject them to the employment ban included in the Senate bill.

That bit of vindictiveness built into the bill could sink it at the Supreme Court. Or is this another joke bill? Remember Republican Andrew McDaniel introduced the “McDaniel Militia Act ” (HB 1108) that required every person between 18-34 to own an AR weapon. He then claimed it was a joke meant to show the ridiculousness of banning AR platform weapons. He planned to amend it if it ever got out of committee. It hasn’t yet.

This bill has a decent chance of passage even above a Governor’s veto, but may not stand a court test. Other parts of it also contains verbiage allowing school staff members to carry concealed weapons inside the school after training. They can also carry pepper spray rather than a firearm if they so choose.
Parts of the bill allow concealed gun permit holders to open carry firearms, even in cities with ordinances banning such actions. It reduces the minimum age to get a CCW permit to 19 from the current age of 21. Medical professionals would not be required to ask or document whether a patient owns a firearm, which is a huge part for veterans and legal gun owners.

All in all, Missouri Republicans are making a real effort to stop the flood of gun control laws that infringe on their citizens’ rights.