Mississippi State’s Campus Lockdown- Suspect in Custody

By Faye Higbee

As classes began this morning, an active shooter situation was reported at Mississippi State University, causing MSU to send out a “Maroon Alert” text  to students advising them to shelter in place or find a safe place to be. But the person was unarmed, and no shots were fired.

mississippi state

Mississippi State University – college photo

Fast Action

A few minutes later, the all clear was given, as police captured Fhu-Qui (Bill) Nguyen, a freshman engineering student from Madison.  He was reported to be an “active shooter” at several places prior to his arrest.

Campus police took no chances, and swooped in to the situation, and within 16 minutes of receiving the call about a man making “homicidal and suicidal threats” near the historic Drill field, they had him in custody. He was not armed.


Suspect in custody – photo via the Clarion Ledger

The students had barricaded themselves inside rooms, expecting the worst that fortunately, did not occur.

MSU President Mark Keenum gave a statement that reads in part:

Today, our usually placid Thursday campus routine was interrupted by a frighteningly real threat of violence. Fortunately, our MSU Police, the Division of Student Affairs, and our Crisis Action Team were able to manage this threat and the outcome was that no one was injured, no shots were fired, and no gun was found to have been used by the student making threats against himself and others.

“But something else happened today. We tested procedures designed to protect all of us through our Crisis Action Team responses. Those responses and protocols worked and worked successfully. And they worked because by and large, our students, faculty and staff knew what to do and knew how to react.

Students were fearful even after the all clear, as someone down on Drill Field started screaming and students panicked. That, too was short lived as calm returned to campus quickly. The school is offering counseling for anyone who might need it.