Missing Iowa Student Mollie Tibbetts Found Dead


Mollie Tibbetts had been missing since July 18. An intense search by authorities, and her father and friends ensued to no avail. Her body was found on Tuesday in a field in Poweshiek County not far from where she disappeared.

Update: a 24 year old illegal alien named Cristhian Rivera was arrested and charged with 1st Degree Murder in the death of Mollie Tibbetts. He has reportedly been living in the United States for 4 to 7 years. He is also on an ICE detainer.

Mollie, 20, was a student at the University of Iowa where she was studying psychology. She lived in Brooklyn, Iowa in Poweshiek County, and had gone on her usual jog July 18th at around 7:30 p.m. She never returned.

Fox reported,

She had been staying with her boyfriend, Dalton Jack, in his older brother Blake Jack’s home and was dog-sitting while the two Jack brothers were out of town.

After she headed out for some exercise, she was spotted in her workout clothes and her boyfriend told ABC News that he opened a Snapchat photo from her later that night, though it is unclear when it was sent.

Then Tibbetts disappeared. Her family reported her missing the next day after she failed to show up for work.

Both Dalton and Blake were cleared as possible suspects early on in the investigation.

Literally hundreds of people searched for her, but after a month long hunt, no one found her until today. Authorities plans to have a news conference late this afternoon. We will update this story at that time.