Missile Strikes Against Syrian Chemical Weapons Targets

By Faye Higbee

The US, France and UK operated together to drop 105 missiles on Syrian chemical weapons targets Friday night. The strikes were specifically designed to degrade the Assad regime’s chemical weapons capabilities. SecDef James Mattis told reporters that it was a twice the size of the strike last year but did not widen the targets to cause regime change.

General Dunford told reporters that three specific targets were hit in a precision strike in order to mitigate the amount of collateral damage.

• A Scientific research center near Damascus
• A Chem weapons storage facility near Homs
• A Storage facility, command post in same area

He stated they used the normal “deconfliction channels” to clear the airspace in the target region.

Mattis stated that there was no evidence of Russian retaliation so far, only Syrian air defense batteries. But they are waiting with a large number of “assets” in the area to keep an eye on any movement of Russian forces or aircraft.

Twitter chart

Russia called it an aggression, and Syria claimed to have shot down numerous tomahawk missiles. The Russian State news agency, Tass, claimed that there were no casualties from the airstrikes.

According to Pentagon Spokesperson Dana White at a Press Briefing Saturday morning, there has been a “2000+ increase in Russian trolls” bringing disinformation since the airstrikes last night. The Pentagon mentioned on Friday that they had already been preparing for a major disinformation campaign. There are trolls, there are “resistance” anti-Trump haters, there are a lot of idiots. We’re not giving them a voice here.