Minnesota Doesn’t Appreciate Man’s ‘FMUSLMS’ License Plate

By Eric Williams

To the untrained eye, a personalized license plate purchased by a Minnesota man was harmless. The plate read FMUSLMS, which obviously stands for (FM Users Should Listen to More Satellite), and would seem to be on the truck belonging to a person who apparently loves their Sirius/XM radio.

But despite being on the man’s truck for eight months with no problems, someone out there just looking for something to be offended by claims the plate contains some sort of cryptic, subliminal message directed at those who follow the religion of Islam.

license plate

Say it in 7 or less

Personalized license plates can be very clever and allow the vehicle owner to tell the public a little something about themselves. So, after the complaint, the Minnesota DPS has decided this plate never should have been approved in the first place. They have now revoked the offending license plate and had it removed from the vehicle.

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton (D) chimed in on the license plate controversy:

“It is offensive, and the person who requested it should be ashamed. That prejudice has no place in Minnesota. I have instructed the Commissioner of Public Safety to retrieve this plate as soon as possible and re-review agency procedures to ensure it does not occur again.”


The state probably has no problem with plates such as FUJEZUZ, USGO2HL, KILWYTY, and ISLMNB1. There is no word yet on a replacement plate for the man from Minnesota, but maybe he will take some suggestions.

May we suggest…

We offer the following personalized plates for his consideration: ALABH8N, FPCGOVS, MSLMHTR, IMANFDL, FEYESIS, and ICUOMAR.

We wish the gentleman who has fallen victim to political correctness in Minnesota the best of luck in expressing his bad self through the medium of license plate shorthand – and in giving Minnesota state government a subliminal middle finger.

Feel free to leave your license plate suggestions in the comments section.