Millcreek Township School Arms Teachers with Bats to Fight Active Shooters

By Faye Higbee

Millcreek Township, PA – Since the teacher’s union in the Millcreek Township School District didn’t favor arming teachers with guns, the district spent $1,800 for 600 – sixteen inch bats to arm their instructors against an active shooter. About 500 teachers were handed the bats at an in-service training on active shooters on Monday. And the policy of the school has been revised to allow fighting back with the bats, although the teachers are not expected to “have to” do it.

“The bats are more symbolic than anything. However, we do want to have one consistent tool to have at somebody’s disposal in a classroom in the event they have to fight…It’s not about just hiding and waiting. There are options, and one of those is to fight.” Millcreek Township Schools Superintendent William Hall to the Erie Times-News.

Blue Lives Matter reported,

The school district said that they conducted an online survey in March asking for feedback about arming some staff or teachers with guns.

The results overwhelmingly favored arming at least some staff and teachers; however, the survey was open to people from outside the school district and people were allowed to comment more than once, so the district said there may have been some “ballot box stuffing.”

Cacchione said the teachers union doesn’t support arming teachers in the district with guns.

Of course they don’t support arming teachers, the left wingers never want real security. The president of the Millcreek Education Association, Jon Cacchione, wants the teachers to be “comfortable with the idea that they can attack and not simply go into hard lockdown and just hide, as we’d been told in our training up to this point.”

Remember the Blue Mountain Pennsylvania school district that decided to throw rocks at active shooters? But think about it, it’s the same state. There must be something in the water in Pennsylvania.

One commenter for the Blue Lives Matter story wrote,

“What a freaken insult to a school system!!! Ok kids, we have a shooter in the building. Let me get my bat and if where (we’re) not shot we can hit him with my bat. Are you friggin kidding me? ? Don’t forget to put a sign out front of the school. Not a soft target here. We have a BAT.”



Featured photo: screenshot via tmj4.