Military Recruiting On Track to Fall Short of Goals, Congress Concerned

Faye Higbee
military recruiting

Military Recruiting appears to be falling short of their goals, and Congress is concerned. During a hearing with the Senate Armed Services committee, personnel from the 5 branches admitted that this is the most “challenging recruiting year in history.”

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“I’m worried we’re now in the early days of a long-term threat to the all-volunteer force, with a small and declining number of Americans who are eligible and interested in military service. Every single metric tracking the military recruiting environment is going in the wrong direction. In most cases, we’re seeing the worst numbers in the last few decades.”

Senator Thom Tillis R-NC (Military Times)

According to CoffeeorDie, the Army has reached only 23% of its Active-duty recruitment goal in the first 5 months of fiscal year 2022. And that’s not counting the low percentages of potential recruits that are eligible.

Only 23% of young Americans are even eligible to enlist without a waiver because of high rates of obesity and minor criminal infractions such as recreational drug use, according to the Department of Defense. Just three years ago, 29% of American youth were eligible for service, Pentagon data shows, suggesting a downward trend.

An even smaller group of Americans is interested in serving. According to defense officials, youth interest in military service has declined from 13% in 2018 to 9% in 2021, representing about 1 million fewer potential recruits…

All branches emphasized that addressing climate and culture issues — including sexism, racism, and mental health — are priorities. Officials said enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts maximizes the services’ ability to recruit and retain top talent, and the Marine Corps boasted that 48% of enlisted accessions in fiscal year 2021 came from what the service called diverse groups.


The Pentagon insists that they are not in a critical level yet, and are working other avenues: retentions, bonuses, etc. But some lawmakers are not convinced, and are concerned that serious shortfalls in years to come may cause problems in our all volunteer Military… a Military which has made some decisions that seriously affect the numbers.

The Military discharged hundreds who refused a vaccine that has a convoluted efficacy and a host of nasty side effects. They went on a witch hunt looking to find “extremists” in the ranks, the definition of which was highly subjective and biased. They pushed Marxist divisive hatred within the ranks with mandatory training in a form of CRT. Who would want to be a part of that? Political narratives should have no place in the military. Climate, diversity, sexism, racism…these focuses are not protection of the nation. Protection of the nation is the purpose of the military.


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