Military Prefers Trump Over Hillary – Polls

By Faye Higbee

Military Prefers Trump Over Hillary – Polls

Two separate polls done by organizations connected to U.S. Military  are saying that veterans prefer Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton in a match up of the two. SOFREP (Special Operations Forces Report) did an online poll in January of 2,000 veterans. Of the 913 responses, 89% of veterans and active duty military chose Trump.

The SOFREP website also asked people to read the book Dereliction of Duty, if they were even hinting at voting for Clinton. (We agree, that one and 13 Hours, along with many others). #NeverHillary.


Military Times conducted a similar poll over May 3-6 that revealed military members chose Trump over Clinton by a large margin. One they conducted in March also said the same thing.


Killary Clinton (no, that’s not a typo)

Maybe all of these numbers exist simply because Clinton is the B**** of Benghazi, and among our military she is well known for that scandal, as well as many others. She has been proven to lie, twist the facts, and skate out from under all the scandals she has faced. And she doesn’t care one bit, either about the American people or her lawlessness. She cares about herself… period.


If this is the matchup- who will military and veterans vote for?

Polls in general

Polls are not always accurate, nor do they reflect what happens when people get inside the voting booth.  We would point out that in spite of the way these numbers show up, there is a long way to go to get some kind of unity among Republicans and Conservatives.

We need those who say they will stay home to get their collective butts off the couch and vote. And vote #NeverHillary. That is IF we get to November before something horrible happens.

Things may change suddenly

We are divided in ways that do not bode well for the election. It can only be described as “vitriolic” – which means filled with bitterness and malice.

Absolutely anything can happen between now and November. Everyone thinks that life will always continue like it has forever. They thought that way the day before Pearl Harbor, and the day before 911.  They thought that way before the battles of European history. But the day will come when things change drastically…so you’d better be ready when it happens. It’s the way history works.