Military Judge Criticizes Govt Conduct in Scheller Case

Faye Higbee
military judge

On October 15, Military Judge Glen Hines sentenced decorated Marine LTC Stuart Scheller to a $5,000 pay loss and a letter of reprimand. It was far less than was legally available for a case that involved 6 counts of violating the UCMJ. Then he criticized the conduct of the government after documents were leaked to Task and Purpose in a manner that seemed designed to harm the LTC’s case. Scheller plead guilty to all six counts and took responsibility – now the Secretary of the Navy will decide how he is discharged, whether honorably or general discharge under honorable conditions.

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But the Marine Corps leaked documents to a media outlet that painted LTC Scheller in an extremely negative light.

I was painted as a violent extremist, fascist, and the journalist even made a connection to Hitler. Obviously, you can understand that I was very angry following the article. After everything I’ve been through, I feel it’s reasonable to conclude that the Marine Corps and Task and Purpose were working together in an effort to smear my name.

LTC Stuart Scheller

Scheller was videoed with a stack of books, one of which was “Imperium” a book written by a fascist sympathizer. When contacted by Task and Purpose, Scheller’s attorney Timothy Parlatore specifically told them the LTC had not read that book before the video. But the damage was done when Twitter got hold of the information and began making references to Scheller being an extremist that should never have been in the military. None of which was true.

LtCol Scheller is an infantry officer with an exemplary career of five deployments and multiple senior awards including a Bronze Star, Army Commendation with “V” for Valor, 3 Meritorious Service Medals, 3 Navy Commendations.

Pipe Hitter [note: the Pipe hitter website raised $2,576,582.32 for LTC Scheller]

Military Judge Glen Hines referenced Scheller’s exemplary record in his sentence. He also chastised the Corps for throwing him in the brig. None of his crimes were for violence and amounted to nothing more than disrespect. He also stated that a probe into the leak should be conducted.

According to Parlatore, Judge Hines criticized the government’s conduct, including for leaking case documents about Scheller. The judge said it’s not the court’s role to investigate the leak, but that there should be a probe into the matter.

“He commented on the severity of pretrial confinement for a case of this nature,” Parlatore added. “He saw a Marine in pain and in emotional anguish, which is pretty much what we argued.”

The Epoch Times

Although the media article about Scheller referenced statements about revolution, none of them in full context had anything to do with removing the government of the United States. LTC Scheller served with honor for 17 years, and the Military Judge painstakingly went through the evidence before the ruling. Attorney Tim Parlatore stated the verdict was fair.


Featured screenshot of LTC Scheller and his parents, Catherine and Stuart Sr, via Catherine Scheller on Social Media

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