Migrants Riot in Europe from Macedonia to France – Video

By Faye Higbee

Migrants Riot in Europe from Macedonia to France – Video

Migrant protests in at the border of Macedonia and Greece ended in riots as authorities had to use tear gas in order to control the crowds. As France tore down the migrant camp called the Jungle, clashes broke out with migrants. Europe is finding out that all is not as lollipop and roses as they’d hoped.

 migrants riot

Riots broke out at the border of Greece and Macedonia as thousands of migrants tried to get in. (Screenshot)

Reuters reported,

Macedonian police fired tear gas as migrants stormed a fence on the border between Greece and Macedonia. Police launched several rounds of tear gas into the crowds who tore open a metal gate as they tried to break through. There were an estimated 8,000 people gathered at Idomeni, the small frontier community on Greece’s border with Macedonia. Most were Syrians and Iraqis, but there were also people from Afghanistan, Somalia, and other countries.

According to CNN,

Antonis Rigas, a field coordinator for Doctors Without Borders in Idomeni, said 23 people suffered light injuries as a result of the clashes, including 10 children. Fifteen suffered from respiratory issues from the tear gas, seven cut themselves on the barbed wire and one person was grazed by a rubber bullet.

Trying to stop the flow

Macedonia is only allowing in Syrian and Iraqi refugees, but not Afghans and others. They also must provide ID – a valid passport or drivers license, something that proves they are from those countries. That means thousands are trapped at that border in Greece and unable to move on into Europe. It’s a problem for not only Europe, but the nation of Greece as well, which now has a massive backlog of migrants.

The facility at Idomeni only has room for about 3,000. But it had swelled to around 7,000+. Officials from Slovenia, Macedonia, Austria, Serbia, and Croatia met last week in an attempt to slow the migrant incursion down to a trickle. They agreed to tighten border controls in direct defiance of the EU policy of everyone sharing a part of the refugee problem.

But nations are becoming weary of the problems the migrants have caused. Even France has moved to demolish the migrant camp called “the Jungle” at Calais.


Since France has had extreme problems with the migrants at the border of Calais accosting truck drivers trying to get to England and blocking the road, they began dismantling the “jungle”  – a migrant camp at the edge of the city.


The BBC reported,

Riot police fired tear gas after migrants began throwing boulders inside the camp. At least 12 shacks were set ablaze, reports say.

The demolition teams appeared to leave inhabited huts intact as they move through the camp’s southern sector.

The government plans to relocate migrants to reception centres.

Those living in the camp, mainly from the Middle East, Afghanistan and Africa, hope to cross the Channel, often using people traffickers to try to enter illegally.

The migrants continued their onslaught as around 150 of them, some armed with iron bars, attempted to stop vehicles on the road. Those who have been evicted can move to the converted shipping containers at the northern end of the camp, but many do not want to go there. Their goal is to get to England, not stay in France.

As everywhere else in this immigration nightmare, the whole thing has been a Pandora’s box. When Angela Merkel  (and Barack Obama) opened it a couple of years ago, it swiftly became a full-fledged nightmare for all Western Nations.

Macedonian police fired tear gas as migrants stormed a fence on the border between Greece and Macedonia(Video by Reuters: http://ow.ly/YShjy)

Posted by RFE/RL on Monday, February 29, 2016