Mid-Evil Industries 360 degree Vertical Fore Grip Product Review

vertical fore grip

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a 360 degree Vertical Fore Grip from Mid-Evil Industries for review.  I ran this product on my POF-USA P415 for about a month, and I fell in love with it.  Built from 7075-T6 and 6061-T6 aluminum this grip is very strong and light weighing in at ~5.7oz or less. The grip texture makes it very comfortable in the hand, it also makes it stick to your hand very well in all conditions.  Another great feature is that the grip is hollow so it can be used for storage.

The grip is 4.75″ from rail to end which was a great size. I was also sent a 1.25″ extension, which you can see in the video, that extends the length of the fore grip.  I found the best reason to add this extension was if you were going to have to shoot a succession between supported and unsupported.

The fore grip being longer provided a great mono-pod platform from which you can rest your rifle quickly with little to no adjustment.  Another thing you can do is remove the bottom portion and just run the extension and base piece for a shorter fore grip.

Speaking of adjustments, this is where this Mid-Evil fore grip really sets itself apart from all others that I have tried.  The ease at which you can change the angle of the grip is astounding. Not to mention the possibilities are endless.

With the simple twist of the hand the grip becomes loose and maneuverable, you can adjust the grip quickly and effortlessly then simply twist in the opposite direction to lock it into your new desired position. When you are ready to pack your rifle away simply loosen and fold it up for storage. I never experienced any issues with this grip loosening or moving unintentionally from the position I chose to lock it.

I ran this almost exclusively on my AR-15 but one great application for this grip would be on shotguns, specifically, the Kel-tec KSG or a pistol grip platform.  Being able to easily swing the grip out to a 90 degree angle gives you a much more ergonomic grip for shotguns of that type.

This product comes in 4 different colors, Black, FDE, Sniper Grey and Thin Blue Line. It also comes in the 3 most popular attachments, picatinny, M-lok and keymod.


360 degree Vertical Fore Grip – $109.95 – $129.95 depending on color and attachment variant.


Price 5-5

Functionality 5-5

Quality 5-5

Aesthetics 5-5 (it has an American flag on it….should be 6-5)

20/20 from Instructor Craig. I will not run any other fore grip ever again after trying this one.  This is an amazing product that I highly recommend.

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