Miami Gun Buyback “Guns 4 Ukraine” Has Issues.

Faye Higbee
miami gun buyback

A Miami gun buyback is set for this coming Saturday, and it’s illegal. Why? Because they are advertising it as “Guns 4 Ukraine.” But sending guns to Ukraine to help with the war effort violates several statutes. And when Lee Williams from the Second Amendment journalism project confronted them, their answers were…interesting.

UPDATE: The Miami gun buyback was a dismal failure.

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Miami was reminded that sending firearms to a foreign country requires an export license. Which Miami does not have. International Firearms export is regulated by ITAR.  Florida Statute 790.08 requires police agencies to only do certain things with guns obtained from a buyback. International export is not on the list. There they have TWO violations of the law. Somebody didn’t do their homework before putting out the poster.

Miami responded to the question: does the city of Miami have a firearms export license?

“NO. However, at the June 9, 2021 Commission Meeting, the City of Miami adopted Resolution R-22-0219 directing the City Manager to “take any and all action to work with federal authorities to ship any functional weapon received through the City’s Gun Buyback program to Ukraine for use in the conflict against the Russian invasion.” The directive to take “any and all action to work with federal authorities” may include, but is not limited to, the procurement of an export license in accordance to the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) including conformity to the requirements of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR); any guidance from the Department of State’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls regarding AECA export controls and licensing for articles enumerated on the U.S. Munitions List; any relevant portions of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR); and/or compliance with the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security export controls for items listed in the Commerce Control List (including firearms) pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and Part 774 of the Export Administration Regulations; and/or compliance with the National Firearms Act including any application to obtain a permit for permanent exportation of firearms; any necessary clearances from ATF prior to export; or compliance with any one-time licensing exception the City may be eligible to obtain as provided in the provisions of ITAR. The actual avenue for the City to lawfully export anything is speculative at this time because the City cannot predict the amount or types of firearms that will be donated at buyback event.”

City of Miami

A one time export license would be difficult to come by. And finding a functioning weapon that Ukraine could actually use is highly unlikely. Miami is lying to the people.

The buyback idea: gift cards

The Miami gun buyback won’t “get guns off the street.” Gun buybacks tend to get clunkers that don’t even work, outdated firearms, old unused weapons that maybe once upon a time were worthy of being called a “firearm.” Rarely do they bring in newer guns, especially from criminals who use them regularly. The “gift card” approach doesn’t even come close to how much a criminal can obtain with a gun that works.

But more to the point, the garbage Miami will get from its gun buyback day won’t be the kind of weaponry Ukraine needs or wants.

I have covered more than a few police buybacks. I have never seen a single firearm that’s battleworthy – not one. Most are junk. Does MPD actually believe that Ukrainian forces would arm their soldiers with cheap .25s, broken-down air rifles or rusty .22s? Besides, the Ukrainian forces don’t need cheap small arms. They need long-range artillery, MLRS platforms and anti-tank systems.

In my humble opinion, the real intent of the GUNS 4 UKRAINE buyback is obvious. It’s a classic bait and switch. MPD is using sympathy for the underdog Ukrainian forces as a ploy to get guns off the street, in the mistaken belief that this will make their residents safer. It won’t…

Lee Williams

Miami has a problem. If they want to target crime, they need to target the criminals. It’s a novel concept, but one that would actually work.


Featured screenshot via The Taos News

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