Memorial Day Weekend – Honoring Fallen US Veterans

By Faye Higbee

In many places across the country, the flags are already at half staff in preparation for Memorial Day. Flags are being placed in honor of the fallen all across the nation.

In Phoenix, Arizona, for example, volunteers are placing 10,000 American flags that spell out “Honoring Our Heroes” on the lawn of the University of Phoenix’s Riverpoint campus.

In Boston, hundreds of volunteers placed 37,000 American flags in a tradition that began 8 years ago. Each flag represents someone…a special way of honoring our fallen.

At Arlington, the soldiers placed a flag at every single grave site in the National Cemetery.

A reminder that Memorial Day is NOT Veteran’s Day: Memorial Day is for the fallen, Veteran’s Day is for the Living. Of course, for most people, it’s just an excuse to go camping and BBQ burgers with no thought whatsoever for the meaning behind it.

These guys get it:

The flags in Arizona will be taken down prior to Memorial Day and distributed to local veteran cemeteries.

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