Medical Marijuana Comes to Florida

By Faye Higbee

Medical marijuana comes to Florida

Florida has approved 5 nurseries out of 28 applications to grow medical Marijuana. The state has asked them to be in production by June of 2016. This is good news for those who believe medical marijuana helps with cancers, PTSD, and seizures. Bad news for those who are not in favor of any legalization whatsoever.

medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana on the rise

Known as the Charlotte’s Web Law, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed it in 2014. It had to clear legal hurdles, but passed through those in May of 2015.

Five nurseries across Florida were chosen: Knox Nursery in Winter Garden, Chestnut Hill Tree Farm in Alachua for the Northeast region, Hackney Nursery in Greensboro for the Northwest region, Alpha Foliage in Homestead for the Southwest region, and Costa Farms of Goulds for the South region.

Charlotte’s Web Marijuana

Medical marijuana  has weak THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels, and high CBD (cannabidiol) levels. The THC chemical is what causes people to become high. Lower THC levels and higher CBD levels have been used to treat terminal illness, particularly in children.

The law is named after a young child named Charlotte Figi, who suffered from Davet’s Syndrome, a type of epilepsy that produces severe seizures. After her first dose of the low THC/high CBD marijuana at age five, her seizures markedly diminished. The government insists that there is no actual medical evidence to prove that medical marijuana is effective against any disease.

Lots of people disagree. Not to mention that cannabis itself is still listed as a Schedule I drug under federal law, though several states have passed laws legalizing it.

PTSD Treatment

Some veterans use marijuana to reduce the symptoms of PTSD, but the VA officially stands against it because it could prove to be “harmful” over the long term. They have stated that there are no specific controlled studies regarding the use of medical marijuana for PTSD, and that the only evidence is “anecdotal” from random veterans who have used it.

From the VA website:

Administration of oral CBD has been shown to decrease anxiety in those with and without clinical anxiety. This work has led to the development and testing of CBD treatments for individuals with social anxiety, but not yet among individuals with PTSD. With respect to THC, one open trial of 10 participants with PTSD showed THC was safe and well tolerated and resulted in decreases in hyperarousal symptoms.

The VA also states that veterans with PTSD may have greater difficulty stopping the use of it than others. They say it has an addictive quality for some users over the long term.

Whether anyone will ever actually do a controlled study on medical marijuana is unknown.  It would be nice to have a happy medium in this debate, but in this day and age, “happy mediums” are nearly impossible to find.




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