McKeesport Firefighter Rescued a Fallen USMC Flag

By Faye Higbee

A Firefighter from McKeesport, Pennsylvania did something about 3 years ago that few people in this day and age would do: when he saw a Marine Corps Flag had fallen off its pole, he stopped the fire truck and put it back where it belonged.

We caught up with Matthew Holtzman on Saturday and asked him about why he did that. His response?

“Why wouldn’t you do that for any kind of flag like the American flag, or the services? We figured the flag belonged to a veteran of the Marine Corps when we saw it. Putting it back was just the right thing to do.”

It is unfortunate that we live in a time when burning the flags, stomping on them, tearing them apart is common. Matthew Holtzman and his fellow firefighters are a breath of fresh air.

Photo used by permission

Duty, Respect, Honor

Matthew comes from a family that not only understands respect, but sacrificial service. He has many family members and friends who served in the United States Armed Forces.

His Grandfather was also a firefighter- at the same department. When they retired his badge after his passing- #70- they brought it out of retirement when Matthew was hired in October of 2001.

Also Matthew’s father was a police officer for 20 years. He understands the sacrifices that First Responders and the Military make, and the scrutiny they are under.

The video has been shared thousands of times since it was posted on Facebook 3 years ago. It seems to come up again every so often. Matthew says that the response has so far been good.

“A lot of people have seen it, so I hope that they will be more positive and be a little nicer so each other and to the men and women who keep us safe.”

Matthew Holtzman is a man who risks his life daily. Whether a person is a military veteran, a first responder, or military, Matthew believes that all who have kept us safe are deserving of respect. Good on you, Matthew.

“God bless everyone, no exceptions.”