McDonalds Employee Throws Bullets on Hot Grill: Chaos Ensues

Faye Higbee
mcdonalds employee

A McDonalds employee in South Burlington, Vermont became erratic on the evening of July 24 and brought out a gun. He unloaded it, and threw the bullets on the hot grill inside the kitchen. The rounds went off, sending kitchen staff scrambling to get out. No one bothered to tell the customers what happened, they thought it was a shooting.

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The incident occurred at around 5 p.m. that evening, when a McDonalds employee became agitated and pulled out a handgun. Then he unloaded it and threw three rounds on the hot grill, causing the bullets to go off. Panic ensued both in the kitched and main dining area as people fled the restaurant.

Police said an employee had reportedly removed ammunition from a handgun and threw three live rounds onto the grill, causing them to explode, while continuing to act erratically.

Police said no injuries were reported. All employees and guests evacuated the restaurant.

When police got there, they set up a perimeter and began negotiating with the male employee, who was still in possession of the handgun and additional ammunition.

After a short time, police said the employee agreed to leave the gun inside and come out, where he was detained.

The employee was taken to UVM Medical Center for evaluation.

Christopher Forsman is an Uber driver who was picking up a customer’s order when the incident broke out. He thought it was an electrical fire.

When asked by NBC5 what happened while he was there, he responded, “Yes, i walked into the lobby exactly as the incident started. There was what sounded like an electrical popping noise coming from the area of the soda machine and coffee machine. One of MGRs seemed to clear the kitchen but didn’t say anything to the people in the lobby.

Other customers identified the popping sounds as gunfire and immediately evacuated the restaurant. No one was injured in the incident.

The investigation is ongoing. Vermont is a permitless carry state. It is unknown at this time whether charges will be made against the armed McDonalds employee.


Featured screenshot of South Burlington McDonalds via Flickr

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