McCloskeys Plead Guilty to Misdemeanors, Agreed to Forfeit Weapons Used in Incident

Faye Higbee

After months and months of facing felonies for “brandishing weapons” at a mob of protesters that broke into their private community, The McCloskeys, Mark and Patricia, have pleaded guilty to Misdemeanors and agreed to give up the two weapons used in the incident. The action is the result of a plea deal.

Update: On August 3, 2021, Missouri Governor Mike Parson pardoned the couple from all charges.

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The couple will still be able to own firearms, according to the judgment, but the state would not allow them to donate the weapons. Mark McCloskey pleaded guilty to 4th Degree misdemeanor assault with a fine of $750. Patricia McCloskey plead guilty to 2nd Degree misdemeanor harassment, with a fine of $2000.

We have written about this case numerous times:

This case has been the poster child for what happens when the left starts griping about being faced with guns.

During Thursday’s hearing, Judge David Mason asked if Mark acknowledged that his actions put people at risk, according to the AP.

“I sure did your honor,” Mark reportedly replied.

While leaving the courthouse, Mark said he would “do it again,” according to the report.

“One year ago, an angry mob crashed through my gate, and threatened my wife, my family and my home,” Mark said in a statement obtained by the Daily Caller. “The prosecutor dropped all charges against me, except for a claim that I put other people in imminent fear of physical harm. That’s exactly what I did, that’s what the guns were for.”

“Any time the mob comes and threatens me, I’ll do the same thing again to protect my family,” he continued.

Daily Caller

And finally ends the 2nd amendment chapter of Mark and Patricia McCloskey. Or did it?


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