Matthew Hoffman AKA Warbear. Warning: Outspoken Veteran Entertainer – Proceed With Caution

Faye Higbee

Matthew Hoffman, AKA “Warbear” is an outspoken combat veteran with a twist: he’s an entertainer with a persona …and that persona is popular with many combat veterans. We caught up with him on Sunday Nov 21. Note: Tank says he’s of “one of us,” which is a huge compliment for any veteran. It means acceptance. He’s also a bit nuts, but he’s a performer, so you know… His podcasts can be seen on Spotify, and he’s also on Telegram. His handle is warbear.actual.official. on Instagram. He talks about things that veterans can relate to, even pain meds and how they affect the mind. He should know: his fingertip was blown off last month.

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Disaster October 31, 2021

On Halloween, Matt was working on a fireworks mortar shell when it detonated and blew the tip of his finger off. A big handicap for a person who is an “IT nerd” at his workplace. Fortunately, a friend started a GoFundMe account for him since the medical bills are way out of his budget.

Warbear’s mask. Scary.

On the explanation of the fund he wrote:

The pain is still here, it’ll be at least 3 months of recovery. I cannot thank you all enough for it being at this level, the countless donations from 15 to 500 in size, anonymous and named donations. Any Donation no matter how small, helps in so many ways...

Bringing podcast after podcast, affordable slaps all while working a full time job, helping the homeless and helping other charities. Now as my life has come to a hault [sic], my options are zero. Recovery, now my injury is an extent of helping a brother from worse injury. I promise to everyone, if you could share this around, I promise to work on amazing content with @zerodarkfocalist and give you all I can with the ability I have.

The world is in a low morale place, I promise to give you the darkest, near illegal type entertainment a man can create on Instagram.


Warbear the combat veteran

Hoffman threw away a full ride scholarship to Penn State in order to join the Army. He was in the Infantry, an 11 Bravo from 2010-2014. He joined up when he was 18. He was stationed with the 1st Infantry Division at Fort Riley, Kansas, and deployed to Iraq between 2010 and 2011. Just in time for a large US troop withdrawal in the midst of increased insurgent attacks around the country.

“Warbear” has been a nickname for years. He told us his spirit animal is the bear, so it seems fitting. “Spirit animal” is a term used by Native Americans and is akin to a guardian that stays with the person for life. He needs a strong one. Perhaps a giant sized Grizzly. With big claws.

Matt is a strong advocate of American rights. Yet he’s been censored frequently. “Zucked” is what he calls it. His Instagram account @warbear.actual.official • Instagram photos and videos is up at this time, but don’t blink, you might miss it.

Regardless of whether you are a liberal or conservative, the Constitution is the most important guarantee for all of us.

Matt Hoffman

Matt is also someone who believes strongly that people should be held accountable for their actions.

We who were in the bottom tier need be able to hold our leaders accountable. I’ve seen such incompetence in some of them that they should be in the brig. It’s absolutely mindblowing.

Matt Hoffman

If you were to take a trip through the Instagram account of “Warbear,” and you are unfamiliar with combat veterans and their crazyness, you might think Matt was unhinged. His photographer is exceptional, and some of the photos he takes are great. According to Rick, Warbear can reach veterans by the very fact that his sense of humor is “dark.” Combat veterans have come through hell and back again. Relating to them requires another veteran. Something funny to them might seem off the wall to an outsider, but to someone who’s seen things you and I can’t fathom…those things might be hilarious. Laughter is an important healing tool. He isn’t for the faint of heart, but he is a highly important part of the tapestry of veterans’ lives.

“Warbear” is sheer entertainment. But you should definitely duck if he comes at you with an axe. Just sayin’.

The transformation of Warbear


All photos provided by Matt Hoffman

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