Massachusetts Teen Chases Burglar Away With Two Steak Knives.

Faye Higbee
massachusetts tean

Middleborough, Massachusetts – Avery Cormier is a Massachusetts teen who was home on Spring break Friday morning when a man broke into a first floor window and began to steal things. She is just 14 years old, but had the wherewithal to grab two steak knives out of the kitchen and ran downstairs to confront him.

 She started screaming at him: ‘Get the ‘F’ out of my house! You don’t belong here. This is my house,’” Tautkus told Boston 25 News. “He turned around and looked at her, and Avery said he looked so shocked and scared, like, ‘What?’ Here’s this kid there with two knives. And he kind of slinked away.

Dianne Tautkus, Avery’s mother (WFXT)

The shock of having an armed teenager yell at him caused him to drop the stolen items and flee. Avery wasn’t done, however, as he was leaving in his truck, she took a video of it, getting his license number for police. Then she called 911.

“Someone just tried to break into my house. I’m all alone. I got around the house, and I scared him. I took a video of his truck leaving, so I have his license plate number.”

Avery in the 911 call

The suspect was ultimately caught and arrested, thanks to Avery’s video. He was identified as Joseph Ridge, 58, of Bourne, Massachusetts. He has a long criminal history which includes 140 other arraignments, some for violent offenses. He was reportedly out on bail at the time of this incident. For this incident he was charged with aggravated breaking and entering during the daytime, trespassing and disorderly conduct. Though the defense wanted $2,500 bail, and the prosecutor wanted 100,000, the judge ruled for $200,000 bail.

The Massachusetts teen was defending her home – her 12-year-old sister slept through the whole incident. The police chief was impressed with her bravery and ability to think in a stressful situation.

“I’m very impressed with her ability to do what she did in that stressful situation. The fact that she turned her video camera on and captured him leaving, that broke the case. I don’t know if we would’ve been able to identify the individual any other way.”

Middleborough Police Chief Joseph Perkins

While it’s not recommended to just take steak knives to confront a bad guy, fortunately he was not armed with a gun or this story might have had a different ending. But in this case, a brave Massachusetts teen got rid of a burglar from her home and was smart enough to take a video. He’s behind bars and she and her family are safe. Good job, Avery!


Featured screenshot of suspect vehicle via

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