Massachusetts College Votes – Their Police Department Will Not Be Armed

massachusetts college

Ignoring recommendations from numerous experts in security, the Board of Trustees at a Massachusetts College voted that their police department continue to be unarmed. MassArt (Massachusetts College of Art and Design) voted 8-2 on Feb 6 to keep their police force unarmed, according to Blue Lives Matter.

False Sense of Security

MassArt is the only 4 year MA state institution with an unarmed police force. In 2018, 550 students signed a petition to say that they agreed with the policy of keeping their police force unarmed. You know, to be “safe” and “inclusive.” But that is a foolish idea both from the standpoint of safety for the students and the police employees.

It has also caused a large turnover in police at the agency, according to the Boston Herald. And turnovers are expensive. Ask any police department in the US and you’ll find that officers who leave a department after they’ve already been trained at great expense is a drain on finances.

“The MassArt community has been done a disservice as it has presented a false sense of security. Parents have an expectation that when they send their child off to school at MassArt, that since there is a police department there, they have nothing to worry about. This is just wrong…
[MassArt] acknowledges that our officers face danger and may end up being shot at while in the performance of our duties. However, here we stand today to try and rationalize why we would need to be equipped with a firearm.” MassArt Police Sergeant Matt Hurley

The school gave their police Kevlar vests, but refuses to allow them the ability to shoot back when a suspect shoots first.

“Continuing down this path of delay, by striving for some dreamlike, utopian campus insulated from the real world, you are placing the lives of these officers, the staff, and most importantly the students in jeopardy. ” James Durkin, legislative director, American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees