Mass Shooting in Manchester

By Faye Higbee

A “mass shooting” in Manchester, England early on Sunday morning (late Saturday in the US) hospitalized 10 people, two of them children. The incident occurred during the annual Moss Side Caribbean Carnival, an event celebrating the 70th anniversary of the arrival of a group of immigrants from the Caribbean. Police are investigating the incident as “attempted murder.”

The injuries ranged from very minor to serious, and at least 8 people have been released from the hospital. Another two people presented themselves to the hospital for treatment of leg injuries, making the total persons injured potentially twelve. Police believe the injuries were caused by pellets, possibly from a shotgun. One of those injured was a 12 year old boy who was shot in front of his parents.

“However, we’ve got to be clear, it would be obvious to any particular person that discharging a firearm in a large crowd like this is completely reckless.” Wasim Chaudhry, Chief Superintendent of Manchester Police

Britain has been dealing with an uptick in violence – gun crimes, knife crimes, acid crimes, much of it sparked by what authorities describe as “youth gangs.” Police have not yet identified a suspect in this incident. Manchester is a highly multicultural area.

“It’s an individual, an idiot, who was messing around with a firearm and you can’t tar a whole community because of some idiotic behaviour. That could happen in any city in this country. I think the fact that over 16,000 people came out to the carnival yesterday indicates the strength of the community here and their desire to celebrate their area.” Pat Karney, local Labor Councillor as quoted by the MetroUK

Sky News noted a comment from Wayne Everett, a local DJ:

“It’s only a matter of time. You can’t have thousands of youths in the area in the early hours of the morning just doing what they want. It’s common sense.  As someone from the area, I decided to come down and see this thing, because 10 people is a major thing in Manchester.”

Breitbart reported,

An inner-city neighbourhood once infamous for violent gangs which terrorised the streets as they battled for control of the drugs trade, Moss Side was more recently believed to be the base of more than a dozen young Islamists who travelled abroad to fight with jihadi groups.