Maryland House of Delegates Passes Two Major Gun Control Bills

gun control bills

The Maryland Senate is the next stop for HB 786 and HB 740, passed by the Maryland House of Delegates. Recall that HB 786 was opposed by some MD County Sheriffs. Liberals ignored their stand, and passed it on to the Senate anyway. All sponsors of the bills are Democrats (surprise).

HB 786 passed 90-49. HB 740 passed 94-45. The bills now move to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Originally HB786 created a gun license and registry- those items were stripped from the final bill, according to the Baltimore Sun.

☑️ HB 786 – Requires a background check on all private rifle and shotgun sales. This legislation will result in thousands of more background checks on firearm transactions in the state. 
☑️ HB 740 – Ban on 3D printed guns. These guns can be made at home and are entirely untraceable. As technology advances we have a responsibility to be proactive about public safety. 
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Keep in mind that they’re talking about PRIVATE sales of rifles and shotguns. Rifles and shotguns are commonly sold between friends. Now in this state, the seller and buyer will have to go jointly to a licensed firearms dealer for that background check in order to complete the sale. Even though supporters claim it only takes “20 minutes” for a NICs check…that presupposes a whole lot of factors being perfect.

Would any of that have prevented the high profile Capital Gazette shooting? Jarrod Ramos purchased his shotgun legally. He passed a Federally mandated record check even though he had a history of threats against the Capital-Gazette staff. He did NOT purchase his gun through a private individual. And yet, liberals contend strongly that their bill would have prevented the carnage.

Supporters of the bill have stated that long guns and shotguns are just as dangerous as handguns, and “no one should get one without a background check.” But the very case they use as proof isn’t relevant. Everyone who purchases a gun from a licensed dealer is required to be background checked. They never take into account human error or the mental state of the person with the gun.

HB 740 is another case in point. The bill “prohibits buying, selling or owning a gun created by a ‘computer-aided fabrication device’ unless it has a federal serial number. Violations would be a misdemeanor punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.”

The State of Maryland is creating criminals rather than punishing the real ones.