Marseille, France – Three Hooded Men Open Fire with AK-47s

By Faye Higbee

The Daily Mail reported that on Monday afternoon at around 5 p.m. local time, three cars with ‘hooded’ men dressed in black opened fire on a group of young people in the Busserine District of Marseille, France near a Cultural Center, according to local media. Only one person was injured after being struck in the head with the butt of a gun. Police returned fire as the attackers fled the scene. No one has been arrested.

The three vehicles arrived in a coordinated manner as the men opened fire with “automatic rifles” and handguns in a country that has rigid gun control. The dark  colored Renault Megane RS vehicles blocked the path of police arriving at the scene. Are the sounds in the video “automatic gunfire?”

A “drug related” incident in which the perpetrators all wore black and were hooded? It’s odd. Police “ruled out terrorism” and stated it was probably “drug related.” The incident came just 3 days after a terror plot involving explosives and ricin was foiled by French authorities, according to the Daily Wire.

Police found 9mm and 7.62 casings at the scene. The fact that these suspects primarily shot in the air, doesn’t fit the pattern of jihadists. Unless it was done as a distraction for something else. Since US news media do not cover this sort of thing, we may never know.

Terrorism Watch reported on the ricin- explosives incident:

France’s interior minister says authorities have thwarted a possible attack using ricin or explosives and arrested two brothers.
Interior minister Gerard Collomb told BFM television, on Friday, that authorities were tracking extremist activity on social networks and identified two young men “preparing to commit an attack with explosives or ricin.”
He said the young men were of Egyptian origin but didn’t indicate their nationality or provide other details about where or when they were arrested. He said the men notably had tutorials on how to make poison using ricin.

No other information was immediately released.
The announcement came days after an Islamic extremist stabbed five people in the heart of Paris, and as the country is still on edge after a string of deadly attacks in recent years