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Sgt Mark Robinson, (ret.) is the champion from this summer’s “RedNeck Olympics” for The Tiegen Foundation – “Beyond the Battlefield” – in Colorado Springs. Tank brought him to the Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children podcast to pick his brain on the current issues in the United States. We caught up with him on Sunday to fill in the blanks. We found a proud American with wisdom and a great sense of humor.

Mark is from Newark, New Jersey, and currently lives in Hawaii with his lovely wife Maribel. They have a total of 5 children, two biological ones from Mark and three step children from Maribel. They live in various places around the country, with only one child currently living at home. He is both an Army veteran and USMC veteran.

23+ Years in the Military

He began his military career in the Army as a communicator at Fort Gordon, Georgia. Deployed to Germany and returned to Ford Ord, two hours south of San Francisco. He stayed in for 3 years. He became a drill sergeant at Fort Dix while in the Army Reserves. He tried college, but said it “just didn’t work” for him.

Desert Storm

Mark told us (jokingly) that since Desert Storm had come up, he wanted to join a branch that “knew what they were doing,” so he joined the Marines in August of 1990.  After boot camp at Parris Island, he ended up with the 2/4 at Camp LeJeune…and deployments to the Mediterranean. He really did “see the world.”

Grateful Veteran

“No matter how bad times were, I’ll always be grateful for the opportunities the military gave me.”

He told us those opportunities would never have been there if it had not been for the military. He said that the Marine Corps has the least amount of blacks in it, but that he got the “same feeling from everyone.” Family. Brotherhood. Connection.

“When you suffer together from boot camp through deployments, it tears down all the stuff that divides people.”

Mark went on for three years to teach recruits how to shoot. He spent 8 years at the Marine Corps Base in Twentynine Palms, California with the 3/7. He finished his 20 year stint in the USMC in Hawaii with the 1/3. Twenty years for which he can be proud.

When he was invited to the RedNeck Olympics, he was honored, but didn’t know what to expect. He and John “Tig” Tiegen didn’t see eye to eye in the 3/7.

“He was a salty Corporal about to get out and I was the new guy. We had kind of a love/hate relationship. They were kind of a bunch of ‘firebreathers’ there, but there was mutual respect even if we didn’t hit it off.”

He was respected and honored at the RedNeck Olympics and enjoyed his time at the event.

“I met some of the nicest people.”

Mark’s appearance on The Tank Show was excellent. A man who understands what is going on in the US and is grateful to be an American. They talked about government giveaways, big government, Communism and all the surrounding issues. Semper Fi, Mark Robinson, you are a special, proud American.

Enjoy this video if you haven’t heard it the first time:



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