Mark Donohoo, Thor, and Grizzly Ears

Mark Donohoo is the creator of Grizzly Ears, a high tech Bluetooth electronic ear pro used to compress sound or amplify sounds for everyone. Thor is his Diabetic Alert Service Dog, and also an avid hunter companion. The two buddies go everywhere together, although Thor is probably the star of the show. People seem to prefer having a picture taken with Thor instead of Mark. Our CEO, Rick Ferran had a podcast with Mark which you can view below.

The products

Grizzly Ears are fully warranted, fully water proof, and essentially a must-have product for anything that involves loud noises. They are blue-tooth capable, which means you don’t have to hang onto your phone with a death grip while you are out hunting. You can leave it in your backpack. Mark’s creation has been a saving grace for all sorts of folks. You can view the Grizzly Ears Shop here.

After I got the brand name of Grizzly Ears out there, it morphed into a product that has grown across several areas from Cross-Fit to people who drive airboats, lumberjacks, even dentists.

Mark Donohoo

Mark told us about his upcoming new product: a walkie-talkie capable ear bud. It will have a PTT button on it the size of a nickel with which you’ll be able to communicate with up to 15 people at once. They aren’t available until Mark’s Research and Development team completes the testing and cross-checking required. The ear buds will be geared either for hunting or tactical uses, and Donohoo won’t let them out until the product is perfect.

As for the original Grizzly Ears, Mark constantly upgrades the software in his products to make sure they work properly. It’s a company with real integrity so often missing in today’s world.

Thor, Best Salesman, er…Salesdog

Thor is Mark Donohoo’s diabetic alert dog. The British Labrador Retriever from Wildrose Kennels in Oxford MS, is his permanent sidekick at all the events that Mark attends, whether inside or outside. He’s a life-saving yellow lab with a personality so sweet that people adore the dog. Thor is also trained to hunt both in water and on land, which endears him to the hunters and shooters too. It’s sort of like Mark who?

I know my place in the world. People love to have their pictures taken with Thor. He’s the star.

Mark Donohoo
As Mark went through the Orlando airport , he heard someone yell “Thor!” Who the heck is Mark, anyway?
Thor takes his job as diabetic alert dog as seriously as he takes his hunting skills. Photo screenshots all from Thor’s Instagram page

Who is Mark Donohoo, Grizzly Ears Creator?

Mark loves to hunt, and of course Thor is always at his side. Mark travels to numerous different events for his products, some of which are competitions for support of veterans and shooter competitions. He will be at the Memorial 3Gun Foundation event October 8,9,10 in Maxton, North Carolina. It will be a competitive shooting event for both past and present military as well as public contestants, complete with raffles and prizes. Monies from the competition go to the Gold Star families of ten fallen Special Forces members. Mark supports many organizations that help veterans and law enforcement, as well as those that bring attention to the Second Amendment. He’s a busy guy. Even his wife Shelly often wonders, ”Mark who?”

He hangs out with people he calls “the badasses of the world.” He’s a strong advocate for organizations that save people from human traffickers, such as Destiny, which we interviewed previously. He wants to bring more awareness to the issue, since many people “stick their heads in the sand.”

A new product for Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children is in the works that will incorporate Grizzly Ears, so watch for that in the future. We think Thor will approve.


Featured photo: Mark and Thor

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