Marines on Site to Bolster Security at US Embassy Opening May 14

By Faye Higbee

We previously reported about the MSAU (Marine Security Augmentation Unit) being prepped to handle the upcoming opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem on May 14, 2018. But the opening isn’t just about ordinary security issues, it’s also the day before Ramadan. And Palestinians have been encouraged by Hamas to breach the border fence. So anything can happen.

The new embassy will have a staff of at least 50, but it is unclear how many Marines will be assigned. About 800 people are slated to attend the ‘grand opening.’ And the US and IDF have been training together for any eventuality.

According to the Times of Israel,

“Israeli army and Marine forces regularly train together to tackle terrorist threats.

Security in Jerusalem has been bolstered ahead of the embassy opening, and for Jerusalem Day on Sunday, when Israel celebrates 51 years of the city’s reunification. ‘Moving the embassy is a matter of both national and international importance, and police have been preparing accordingly in recent months,” a police official said Friday.'”

Israel’s IDF is set up all over the nation of Israel in anticipation of any attacks by Muslims, who were infuriated at Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem. Schools, government buildings, all have extra security in place. The US Embassy will have a perimeter manned by the IDF. Marines are deployed to US interests for security across the Middle East at this time due to the potential for unrest.

Initially, the Embassy will be at a facility that previously housed American visa-and-passport personnel in the Southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Arnona. Ambassador Friedman is expected to shuttle back and forth from his offices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem for the time being. The conversion of the building is said to be modest at a few hundred thousand dollars as opposed to  at least $1 Billion  for a brand new building that would take 10 years to build. President Trump nixed that idea.


Ramadan has often been a time of jihadist attacks. Depending on when they see the moon, it could begin on the evening of the 15th or 16th his year, keeping in mind that time-wise, they are one day ahead of us.

Muslims are supposed to fast and pray during Ramadan.  But some years show that it also often produced terror attacks worldwide.

Our Marines are definitely in harm’s way…but they can handle it. They don’t call ’em “Devil Dogs” for nothing.