Calif- Marine Wife Told to Take Down her Flag

By Faye Higbee

Oceanside, Calif – Marine wife Heather Valenti has been showing her American flag in honor of her deployed husband. Alacima Homeowners Association, a subsidiary of Curtis Management Company,  has told her she must remove it. Even though it’s a small flag placed near the bottom edge of her home.

Unobtrusive position

She and her USMC husband moved to Oceanside after he was transferred from Virginia, and she says they also had the flag outside their door at that time. It’s in an unobtrusive position, and can’t possibly be a problem.

Her husband Steven is stationed at Camp Pendleton, but is currently on deployment overseas.

The HOA is saying that the flag is in the landscaping of the condo. They sent her a letter demanding that the flag be removed or face “further actions.” It read in part,

“In keeping with good management practices, the following requires your immediate attention: During a recent property inspection a flag was noted in the Common Area landscaping at your unit, which is a violation of the Association CC&R’s. Page 6 of the Rules and Regulations states: ‘No property may be left or stored in the Common Area outside any residence.’ Please remove the flag from the Common Area landscaping immediately. Failure to comply will result in further action by the Board of Directors.”

What “good management practices?” Not this.

Fox 5 reported,

“With my husband overseas, this is important to us. We’re American. It’s not offensive to anybody. It’s not even doing anything,” Valenti said.

She questioned why the HOA hasn’t done anything about other neighbors who also display items, such as security alarm signs and a flag with an image of a pineapple, in common areas.

Ms. Valenti says she feels like she has been specifically targeted.

“There are other people in this community that have other things up in the same exact spot and I haven’t seen them taken down — no consequences with that. I don’t want to be fined so if I do have to take it down, I would like to have everybody take down their stuff for me to take it down as well.” Heather Valenti

Commiefornia is at it again.