Marine Who Warned of Insider Attack Wins Court Case!

By Faye Higbee

Marine Major Jason Brezler will remain in the Marine Corps for now, according to a ruling by a Federal Court Judge. He had been slated to be kicked out of the Corps because he sent “classified” information to Afghanistan over his private email and went to a member of Congress to talk to him about it. Basically, the judge told the Marine Corps to prove it didn’t retaliate against Brezler.

The Marine Corps Times reported,

A board of inquiry recommended in December 2013 that Brezler be discharged for using his personal email account to send classified information to Marines in Afghanistan about an Afghan police chief accused of sexually assaulting young boys. Brezler was also accused of taking classified documents home from Afghanistan so he could write a book.

But Brezler filed a lawsuit contesting the Marines’ decision, claiming the Corps wrongfully retaliated against him for contacting Capitol Hill about his concerns.

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Joseph Bianco in New York ruled that the government had not granted Brezler full access to records related to his claim. Brezler was referred to the board of inquiry, which adjudicates claims of officer misconduct, after a story published in Marine Corps Times reported that Brezler asked for help from Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y.

“For example, if communications prior to the Marine Corps Times article indicate that the Navy did not contemplate a BOI [board of inquiry] , or indicate an affirmative decision not to initiate a BOI, such communications would be highly relevant to Major Brezler’s claim that the BOI was retaliatory,” Bianco wrote in Tuesday’s decision.

For now, Major Brezler will remain in the Marine Corps until they hold a new Board of Inquiry in which he could “fully and fairly present relevant evidence” to support his claims of retaliation for contacting Rep. King.

Mr. Brezler attempted to save lives with his email, which is the exact opposite of Clinton’s emails. He tried to warn of an impending attack and was completely ignored. Three Marines lost their lives.

We hope that justice will prevail now that he has won this court battle.


Featured photo via Marine Corps Times – Kevin Carroll