Marine Veteran Trevor Reed Freed from Russian Prison

Faye Higbee

Marine veteran Trevor Reed has been freed from a Russian prison where he was held since 2019. His release was in exchange for convicted Russia drug trafficker Konstantin Yaroshenko. He is reportedly on his way home at this time. The prisoner swap occurred in an unnamed European country.

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“Today, we welcome home Trevor Reed and celebrate his return to the family that missed him dearly. Trevor, a former U.S. Marine, is free from Russian detention. I heard in the voices of Trevor’s parents how much they’ve worried about his health and missed his presence. And I was delighted to be able to share with them the good news about Trevor’s freedom.”

Joe Biden

Reed’s parents had worked hard to bring his plight to the attention of US officials due to their concern over Trevor’s deteriorating health. Joey and Paula Reed were concerned that Trevor contracted active Tuberculosis in the Russian prison, as he was coughing up blood. They also were concerned that he may have a broken rib, as it seemed that something was protruding from his side. He was hospitalized for 10 days in the Russian prison, but was not treated. He was placed in solitary confinement when released from the hospital as well as forced to work in a labor camp.

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His time in Russian prisons and labor camps had been concerning, the family said.

“He was essentially in solitary confinement, I believe, for over a year in a pretty bad prison,” Reed said. “Once he got to the labor camp … they would wake him up every hour. You know, they were punishing him for different things.”

He added: “My son saw the sun maybe a dozen times in two years.”

Trevor pushed back against Russian authorities’ efforts to make him work at the labor camp, telling them: “I’m not working for you. You’ve taken me hostage, and I’m not going to make stuff for you to make money on.”


Welcome home, Marine veteran Trevor Reed!

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