Marine Tweets a Good Shot at the Million Student March

By Faye Higbee

James Erickson is a United States Marine who has some opinions about the students who marched in support of free money for college. #MillionStudentMarch participants wanted tuition free college and all their student debt forgiven, and $15 minimum wage for campus employees.

 million student march

James Erickson, United States Marine

What they are asking could just shut down the nation’s colleges permanently. They’re too stupid to see it. But this Marine had a few things to tweet that went viral yesterday:

The Million Student March

He’s right, you know. These brainless wonders don’t seem to understand the economics of getting “free money for school. Somebody has to pay for that. It’s usually you and I, and when we pay for them, there’s no money left over for teachers. Where does the money for colleges come from?

To be sure there are some government subsidies, but the vast majority of the money comes from student tuition. Uh-oh, someone didn’t bother to tell the idiots that in their Business class? Oops.

Student loan debt forgiven? Experts say that amounts to nearly $1 Trillion at this point.

A $15 per hour wage for those campus kids who work for the college? Who will pay for that? The school, who else? And then the schools will collapse and no one will get an education….wait…no one is getting one now. Thanks, liberals for your lousy thoughts that have destroyed American college student’s ability to think straight.

At least Marines can still think. Semper Fi, James. Carry on.