Marine Corps Veteran Beaten by Airman who thought he was a fake (video)

By Faye Higbee

Michael Delfin, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, has a broken tibia and possibly a broken jaw after an active duty airman and a buddy  ambushed him in the parking lot of The Long Shot, a bar in Sacramento, California. Why? Because the airman thought Michael was a fake Marine.

 Marine Corps veteran

Michael Delfin, USMC veteran – screenshot via CBS Sacramento

The airman is active duty and carries a different type of ID altogether. But rather than properly reading Michael’s ID card, he assumed the worst. Never assume.

Stolen Valor…not

“I noticed a guy had a fade[military haircut] and he asked me if I was in the service and he said, ‘Yeah, I’m in the Air Force,’ and I said, ‘Oh I was in the Corps’… So, I asked him to read my ID, and he was like ‘nahh stolen valor, stolen valor; this guy’s a fake.’ He’s ignorant. He needs to learn how to read an ID, plain and simple. When a vet tells you he’s a vet and he’s obviously wearing a fallen brothers bracelet [and he]doesn’t even recognize that.” Michael Delfin

Delfin attempted to leave, since he could tell it about to turn ugly. But as he hit the parking lot, the other man and a buddy blind-sided him. They broke his leg and possibly his jaw.

“And before I knew it I couldn’t get off the ground. My leg gave out; it was kind of a blur.”

A slap in the face to all combat veterans

A friend happened by Delfin after the incident as he was trying to limp home, and transported him to get help. Sacramento police have a report of the incident, as does the Air Force.

“I did over 12 years in the Marine Corps; I was amphibious assault, a tracker and combat in 2004 in Fallujah… Because everybody that’s in the service does their job, but when you go to combat it’s a different thing, so to claim on me I’m stolen valor, that’s a slap in every veteran’s face… He needs to get caught. He needs to get made an example of, plain and simple.”

There are those to pretend to be something they are not in all corners of society. But in this case, the airman was wrong. He was likely spoiling for a fight in the beginning. Allowing his emotions to run that hot was not good, especially when combined with one too many drinks, as it  likely blinded him to the truth. That appears to be the problem in this case – an airman with too much alcohol and too little ability to read an identification card.