The Marine Corps Ad That Super Bowl Network Viewers Didn’t See

The first Super Bowl recruiting ad for the US Marine Corps in 30 years was set for the big game last night, according to the Fox News. But it wasn’t shown on the networks, it was only shown on line. They were aiming at a different audience than the usual Super Bowl viewers…they were looking for tech savvy young people who spend most of their time on the internet.

The first thing is that the cost of airing a commercial on the networks is ridiculously high: the price tag for 30 seconds was around $4 million. For a cash-strapped Marine Corps, that’s a bit much. But they were looking for a specific demographic, and used  live streaming broadcasters to do it. The price was cheaper, and should have been seen by about 20 million people.

“I’m trying to enlist 18- to 24-year-olds. And they tend to be cord-cutters. They take in entertainment differently and they tend to do it on a device rather than a television.” Maj. Gen. Paul Kennedy, head of the Marine Corps Recruiting Command.

The young people who have faced and conquered  challenges in their lives were the targets of the ad.  The ad was filmed on the West coast during a military exercise called Dawn Blitz for its realism.

Tough. Resilient. 

The Marine Corps isn’t looking for snowflakes. They need people with the “fighting spirit” who can push through whatever they face. And it’s a huge competition for the service branch. They want “tough, resilient” young people.

According to Global Defense News,

“As the military services struggle to meet recruitment goals in these times of low unemployment, they are competing for many of the same young people physically fit high school graduates who can score 50 or higher on the military’s aptitude test.

The Marine Corps is on target to meet its recruitment goal of about 38,000 for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30.

But recruiters have historically found that the months of February through May are the toughest for finding new enlistments.

By this time, many high school seniors have decided what they will do, or what college they will attend.”

The Few. The Proud.  Marine Corps leaders hoped to reach people determined to win against all odds. The ad was inspirational, designed to find those who want to accomplish something bigger than themselves.

“We want young, tough, smart warriors that want to continue to seek challenges, and we’re seeking them from men and women from all walks of life.” Maj Gen. Kennedy