Marine Body Bearers Trudged Through Flood Waters in Dress Uniforms to Help Stranded Motorist

marine body bearers

Four US Marine body bearers trudged through flood waters to help a stranded motorist .The woman who took the video, Virginia Waller-Torres, was absolutely floored as Marines in their dress uniforms pushed her car to high ground in the driving rain. The Weather Service had issued a flash flood warning for last Thursday due to heavy thunderstorm activity. (Military Times)

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The Marines are going to help us? We just got stuck…

Oh my God, this is the most American thing ever…

Virginia Waller-Torres

The Marines were body bearers from Marine Barracks Washington. Their job is to conduct funerals at Arlington National Cemetery, as well as other cemeteries in the area, and for dignified heads of state, etc. Their unit is not a large one, but it’s made up of those who continuously, meticulously train for the mission. They are usually selected for their size and physical ability. Without hesitancy they entered the water and pushed her car to higher ground. In the video, they are smiling as they pushed the car.

It’s no small feat just for them to get into those dress uniforms, let alone mess them up in the water. The TikTok video went viral, and as of today so far had 900,000 views and 50,000 shares.

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On Monday, Waller-Torres met with two of the Marine body bearers at Marine Barracks Washington.

Yesterday, Virginia Waller-Torres, the woman who shot the viral video of the Marine Corps Body Bearers pushing her vehicle out of flood waters, had the opportunity to personally thank some of the Marines who came to her assistance that day. Corporals Jared Tosner and Mitchell Wojtowicz met with her and presented her with a unit coin.

Marine Barracks Washington
Corporals Jared Tosner and Mitchell Wojtowicz with Virginia Waller-Torres. Photo by Lance Cpl. Mark A. Morales/Marine Corps

Some of the comments on the post:

I arrived at Parris Island 57 years ago today. Yesterday I saw this video. In all the years since Parris Island, I have seen countless Marine videos. Some were quite impressive. But this one — this one struck me as seeing what a Marine really is. Watching those young Marines slog through that water to rescue this woman showed us their hearts. It made me proud. Their demeanor and their taking action to help someone in need said it all about the heart of a Marine. Semper Fi. (Bill L)

No words can be said that can describe how I felt upon seeing the action of these Marines as the video said it all for me. Semper Fi Marines. (Monte R)

AF HG for 6 years. The amount of time those Marines gave up in uniform prep alone is what most don’t know! Great job! (James L)

I guess if you were going to get your car stuck, having the MC equivalent to a power lifting team nearby would be the best of a bad situation. (Nathan B )

Virginia Waller-Torres stated that ”As an immigrant, we don’t usually see this in the country I grew up in. I am so grateful for this country and its Marines and military.”

Great job, Marines! Semper Fi!


Featured photo: screenshot via Waller-Torres TikTok video

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