Manhattan BLM “Peaceful Protest” – 2 NYPD Officers Injured, 11 Marchers Arrested

By Faye Higbee

About 100 participants in a Manhattan BLM march on Friday demonstrated that “peaceful protest” doesn’t seem to reflect the actual agenda. Two NYPD officers received minor injuries, and 11 of the marchers were arrested when the ‘protest’ turned violent.

manhattan blm
Screenshot via Twitter

Not only were two cops injured, but the “marchers” attacked a journalist because they thought he was a cop. No joke. The “protesters” saw Sam Costanza, a photographer for the New York Daily News and attacked him, smacking him in the back of the head, kicking him, and hitting him with other objects. He stated that he may have sustained a broken nose during the altercation.

The photog was surrounded and struck after one of the marchers recognized him from a BLM protest outside the NYPD’s 6th Precinct house in Greenwich Village last year, according to sources.

The agitated protester began yelling, “He’s a cop,” inciting many of his fellow marchers.

About a dozen people surrounded the photog, shoving him and beating him with their fists and other objects, sources said.


“shameful violence by a few miscreant @BLM protestors – ruins the message – they beat up a @NYDailyNews independent photog @SamCostanza for nothing – injured @NYPDnews they need jail – not just for the beating, but for discrediting @BLM -“ @ToddMaisel

Actually, Mr. Maisel, BLM discredited themselves long ago with unending riots, arson, assaults, and intimidation. They openly admitted being “trained Marxists” and their agenda is to destroy the United States because they have to “tear it all down.” Between them and Antifa, the US has suffered as much damage as the pandemic.

The New York Daily News reported a slightly different tally of officers injured than other media. Apparently the third officer was a Captain who was hit in the leg with a bottle – he did not require treatment.

Eleven people were arrested following a wild Friday night clash between anti-police demonstrators and NYPD that left three cops and a Daily News photographer injured, officials said.

One of the injured officers was bitten in the thigh by a 19-year-old protester, officials said.

Police rounded up five men and six women around 9:15 p.m. Friday at two protests in Times Square and Sixth Ave. and W. 54th St., outside the New York Hilton.

The rallies were peaceful at first, but as the night continued protesters set fires, threw ice and put stickers on vehicles, cops said.

Video posted on Twitter showed protesters burning a flag outside the NYPD’s Times Square kiosk as nearby police looked on.

The demonstrators refused repeated orders to disperse, officials said. As cops arrested one protester on Sixth Ave., the group rushed police officers, sparking a brawl.

New York Daily News

Ten of the 11 arrested were charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing government administration, and assault. The other one, Angel Rivera, was charged with assault and resisting arrest for biting the officer.


Featured photo: screenshot via Twitter

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