Man Refused to Answer Whether He’s Pregnant, Gets Rejected from Donating Blood. Stupid on Steroids.

Faye Higbee

The UK is often so “woke” as to be ridicuous, but this story takes the cake. A 66 year old man refused to answer a question as to whether he was pregnant or had been pregnant within the last 6 months. Then he was immediately not allowed to donate. This transgender ideology has gone completely nuts.

Man refused to answer stupid question

“I pointed out to the staff that it was impossible for me to be in that position but I was told that I would need to answer, otherwise I couldn’t give blood.

It is nonsensical and it makes me angry because there are vulnerable people waiting for blood, including children, and in desperate need of help. But they’ve been denied my blood because of the obligation to answer a question that can’t possibly be answered.”

Leslie Sinclair, 66 (Breitbart)
screenshot via

The NHS- National Health Service – head of the Section for Blood donations in Scotland said the question was placed on the form in the interest of “inclusiveness.”

As a public body we take cognisance of changes in society around how such questions may be asked without discrimination and have a duty to promote inclusiveness — therefore all donors are now asked the same question.

Marc Turner, head of Scotland’s blood donation service

Transgender ideology will ultimately destroy life as we know it if the political correctness continues. How you ask? Giving blood is critical for patients who need it, and just because a man refused to answer a ridiculous question, it shouldn’t ban him from donating blood. And it doesn’t stop there, as we’ve read about recently with women’s sports.

Already a study in the UK found that transgenders were being prioritized over women’s accounts of assault – especially in prisons where they are placing transgender males in with the females. It has created a serious problem, even here in the United States, according to an article in the Washington Times.

These people really need to educate themselves on this because why they think it’s all about being transphobic, you know? It’s not that. We don’t wanna be forced to live in a place with these people that are sharing our showers with us, sexually assaulting us and we can’t go to no one about it coz we’d lose all our privileges.


Add to that the demand for surgery by transgenders in every area from the military to prisons, and you have an expensive issue that often causes taxpayers to foot the bill.


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