Man meets woman on Craigslist…She pours boiling water on him

By Faye Higbee

Nampa, Idaho – Advice for the day: stay away from Craigslist. A woman is being held in the Canyon County jail on $150,000 bond after police say she pitched a pan full of boiling water onto a man she met on Craigslist.

The badly-scalded man walked into the Lighthouse shelter, asking for a t-shirt. Employees there called paramedics. After police were called, Marlo Ann Shamblin, 27, was arrested for the assault.


Marlo Ann Shamblin- photo courtesy of Canyon County Jail


Craigslist- where danger lurks

According to the police report, a 30 year old man had met Shamblin on Craigslist and went o her house to have sex. She told him her name was “Angel Thomas.” But she was no angel.  After the sex, he left her house, but returned the next day and went to her bedroom.

She began yelling at him, which is when he learned that she had a “roommate.” The roommate entered the bedroom and climbed in bed with her. The man went into another bedroom and fell asleep. But he woke up badly burned with Shamblin screaming at him, so he left without his shirt or his cell phone. He was transferred to the Salt Lake City Burn treatment facility for burns on his arm, back, stomach, and genitals.

Shamblin had taken boiling water into the room, along with a machete. Her roommate put two knives up his sleeves and followed her.  She screamed at him not to make her use the machete, so he left. Afterward, she began to worry about whether she could be charged with Assault, and used the victim’s cell phone to look it up. Then she cooked up a plan to rearrange the furniture to make it look as if someone had broken into the house.

It’s ok, the roommate ratted on her.

Shamblin had been employed at a strip club, but lost her job due to “issues.” The club gave police her real name and where she lived. The names of the victim and the roommate have not been released. She is charged with Felony Aggravated Battery, and will have a preliminary hearing on April 30. She faces 15 years in prison if convicted.