Man Arrested for Carjacking an Ambulance With EMT and Patient Still Inside

carjacking an ambulance

Houston, Texas – A suspect identified as Brandon Warren, 43, was arrested for allegedly carjacking an ambulance with an EMT and patient still inside. He reportedly first stopped the ambulance by pulling his vehicle in front of it, then walked up to the driver, kicked him out at gunpoint, then took off in the ambulance. The driver was left at the side of the road. The incident occurred at around 3 a.m. on July 23rd.

The EMT in the back with a patient realized something was wrong when she noticed the ambulance was no longer going toward the hospital.

Carjacking an ambulance

“This is not part of their jobs to be kidnapped, to be assaulted at gunpoint,” said Chief Peña. “But it definitely has become a risk of the job. I’m very thankful that everybody is okay but it’s not acceptable.”

Warren, who visibly had trouble standing on his own, was transported to a hospital by ambulance. He has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon and felony evading arrest…

“Above all else, I am thankful that our firefighters and the patient involved in this incident are safe and unharmed. The brazen nature of this attack on our firefighters is deeply concerning, and an overarching message should be clear that attacks on our first responders will not be tolerated. We have afforded every Critical Incident Stress Management resource to our firefighters and will wait for feedback from our staff psychologist before we allow official access to these employees. We thank the Houston Police Department for their quick assistance and thank all men and women of the HFD and HPD for the incredible work they do each day.”

Screenshots via KPRC – Click2Houston

Warren’s bail has been set at $1.5 Million: $500,000 for aggravated kidnapping, $500,000 for aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon, $500,000 for aggravated assault and $50,000 for evading arrest. He has a criminal record, but hasn’t been arrested for carjacking an ambulance before.


Featured photo: Screenshot via KRPC

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