Maj Gen Furness: 2nd Marine Division, Clean Up Your Act!

By Faye Higbee

Marine Maj Gen David Furness is the Commander of the 2nd Marine Division out of Camp LeJeune. He issued a policy letter on on April 16 that requires troops to get off their butts, clean up the grounds, clean up themselves, and follow a routine that even includes eating on a daily basis. Have they let their Marine Corps standards slide? The General apparently thinks so.

“In my travels with the Sergeant Major and Command Master Chief throughout the Division spaces, I have noticed a significant decline in the basic discipline of our warriors. Because the 2nd Marine Division has the majority of personnel assigned to Camp Lejeune, we will take ownership of this problem and FIX IT immediately. ” Maj Gen Furness

He said he has run into “long hair,” “nonexistent or poor shaves,” “worn-out boots and inappropriate civilian attire.”

“There are weeds growing around our buildings and work spaces and trash everywhere but the dumpsters where it belongs. These are just a few examples of the lack of discipline seen across the board that will not be tolerated in this Division any longer.”

He means it. Maj Gen David Furness is a career Infantry Officer who joined the Corps in 1987 after graduation from VMI (the Virginia Military Institute). He has led deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, and is the recipient of two Bronze stars with combat distinguishing device. There could be some serious consequences for ignoring his policy letter.

“Any dissenters can answer to myself, the Division [sergeant major] or the [command master chief] and will be dealt with accordingly. Can each of you live up to the mantra of ‘If I was accused of being a Marine/Sailor today, would there be enough evidence to convict me?’ At this time across our force I believe the answer for many is no, and it needs to be corrected immediately.”

Upper echelon officers rarely get involved in this sort of thing, according to And a spokesman for the 2nd Marine Division stated that the letter merely “reinforced” what is already in place. The letter detailed a basic routine that covered from reveille to the last formation. But the Maj Gen apparently saw a lack of discipline in the ranks that he felt was counter to the spirit of the Corps.

“Part of what makes us different from our sister services and American society is the regimentation of our daily lives. Adherence to orders and standards helps foster mutual trust in one another and produces the attention to detail required to be effective when called upon to fight as our nation’s 911 Force.”

Will he have those Marines and Sailors ship-shape and the grounds at Camp LeJeune cleaned up in no time?

Featured Photo of Major General David Furness, USMC