Maduro Locks Down Venezuela from Humanitarian Aid

By Faye Higbee

Nicolas Maduro closed the border of Venezuela to Brazil on Thursday, and contemplated closing the Colombian border as well. Saturday is the day that humanitarian aid was set to be transported into Venezuela from both Brazil and Colombia. But February 22, things turned violent, as Maduro’s troops began shooting, killing at least two and wounding several others at the Brazil border.

ABC reported:

“The killing came as a fundraising concert for Venezuela — backed by British billionaire Richard Branson and featuring major Latin pop stars like Luis Fonsi and Maluma — kicked off in the Colombian frontier town of Cucuta, where the United States has been stockpiling aid to ship across the border this weekend.”

Venezuelans, many of them indigenous peoples, had been lined up in an attempt to block Maduro’s troops from keeping the humanitarian aid out.

The New York Post reported,

Friday’s violence broke out as indigenous leaders in southern Venezuela said they had attempted to stop a military convoy heading toward the border with Brazil, believing the soldiers were attempting to block the entrance of foreign aid on Maduro’s orders.

The convoy entered the indigenous village of Kumarakapay anyway, opening fire to clear the way and killing a woman, Zoraida Rodriguez, and a man, Rolando Garcia, according to community leaders.

The killings came a day after trucks driven by supporters of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido almost rammed a blockade by security forces loyal to Maduro in an attempt to reach aid in Colombia.

Finding truck drivers willing to risk their lives in order to bring in the aid has been difficult, according to CNS news. Juan Guaido called for Maduro’s troops to think about what they are doing and choose what’s right for the people of Venezuela. Both President Trump and VP Pence called for Maduro to step down. That is highly unlikely.

Some of Maduro’s troops on the road to Santa Elena – Screenshot

The victims had to be transported to Brazil because of a lack of medical supplies in Venezuela. Let that sink in, those of you who love socialism so much.

Casto Ocando, an investigative reporter, wrote, “Sources: U.S. special troops in pre-deployment status, ready to intervene at any time, if the order is produced.” Whether that’s true or not, we do not know. But the signs of possible US intervention have been in place for some weeks now.

The people of Venezuela are starving. Dictator Nicolas Maduro tells the world there is nothing wrong in Venezuela. He even promised a concert called “Hands off Venezuela” for the same time as Branson’s aid concert. Socialists/Communists are self-centered, completely delusional, and want their power to continue. They do not care about their own people.

Featured photo: Venezuelans argue with Maduro’s troops. Screenshot via Natxel De Jesús