Macron Wants to “Piss Off” Unvaxxed People: The Perfect Example of Division

Faye Higbee
macron wants

This morning a headline read: “French president Macron’s desire to ‘piss off’ unvaccinated individuals triggers outrage.” There are two “classes” of people in the world at this time: vaccinated and unvaccinated. And governments demand everyone be the same: vaccinated. There is no room for differences. And that division is growing in the face of the Omicron variant. Macron wants to “piss off” unvaccinated citizens – that’s only a small fraction of the divide.

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French President Emmanuel Macron told the newspaper La Parisien that he wants to make life harder for the unvaccinated. His comments brought swift backlash.

I really want to piss them off, and we’ll carry on doing this – to the end. I won’t send (the unvaxxed) to prison, so we need to tell them, from 15 January, you will no longer be able to go to the restaurant. You will no longer be able to go for a coffee, you will no longer be able to go to the theatre. You will no longer be able to go to the cinema.”

Macron (Fox)

Macron wants a bill to be passed by the French Parliament to create sanctions on unvaccinated French citizens. Marine Le Pen, Macron’s main rival in the upcoming Presidential election, stated that the leader of the French people shouldn’t say things like that:

A President shouldn’t say that. The guarantor of the unity of the nation persists in dividing it and assumes that he wants to make the unvaccinated second-class citizens.

Marine Le Pen

She should be over here in the USA. We have a person in the White House who is bound and determined to create more and more division by mandating the vaccination. That action alone has destroyed tens of thousands of careers, damaged the healthcare industry, pushed out first responders both fire and police, decimated the US military, and continues to destroy the US economy by businesses firing workers. It’s a communist’s dream come true. What Macron wants is only one aspect of a worldwide issue.


Feature screenshot of Macron via Twitter

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