LTC Andrew Rhodes Under Scrutiny for Saying “If You’re a White Male, You’re Part of the Problem.”

Faye Higbee
LTC Andrew Rhodes

A Public Affairs Specialist with the US Army at Fort Carson acknowledged that LTC Andrew Rhodes was being scrutinized over comments he allegedly made to his troops. We’ve written articles about the new “woke” army, and Senator Cotton even confronted the SecDef about it at a Senate hearing, which we previously reported.

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LTC Andrew Rhodes is commander of the 1-8 Infantry Battalion at Fort Carson (nicknamed the “Fighting Eagles”). But remarks he allegedly made to his troops during a briefing, and posts he did on Twitter under a now-deleted “woke” account, have drawn scrutiny by the upper echelon. Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grintson commented that he was “looking into this.” And yes, folks, the Internet is forever.

Some of the troops wrote their reactions on Instagram:

I still consider this unconfirmed, but completely unrelated individuals are saying LTC Rhodes is under investigation for what he said. Good. We’re not going to sit here while you bulldoze our country with your progressive bullshit. My black, brown, a little less brown, and white homies all agree. If you judge a man by the color of his skin, then fuck you. – 

Instagram account holder @terminalcwo

But the troops reactions are just the start. LTC Andrew Rhodes had a now deleted “woke” account on Twitter under the name “Dru Rhodes.” It wasn’t protected until Human Events writer Jack Posobiec at Human Events started reading it.

Under the deleted account, he stated that he is a “fervent anti-racist and anti-sexist.” Which may explain some of the views this man (“he/him”) espouses. Critical Race Theory teaches that America was founded on inherent racism and “white supremacy.” LTC Andrew Rhodes is in a position of leadership in which he can influence the thoughts of our military. And their reaction created division and upset.

He also stated that he no longer believes in the UCMJ procedures, and later in the post said he wasn’t trying to “diminish” the UCMJ. But he did. If nothing else he said or did, that one statement could cause him to lose his command.

I no longer believe in formal UCMJ procedures where the accused knocks, enters, reports, & stands in front of the commander while flanked by his/her chain of command.

How’s this climate conducive to letting them explain themselves or make their case? Is this the best we can do?

Excerpt from a thread from Dru Rhodes (archived)
Screenshot via Human Events

“Army values” are the glue that holds the US Army together while fighting. If a soldier is always looking at his colleagues as “white supremacists” or hunting for something to cause them to be suspect, then our Armed Forces are totally destroyed. They must “all bleed green” to pull the differences out of the equation so that they can fight together. It’s not about “ignoring the problem,” it’s about the lethality of the fighting force. Unity is important, division is destructive. LTC Andrew Rhodes should no longer be teaching these things to our military.

Your tax dollars at work

SOFREP has been critical of “Wokeness” and Critical Race Theory (CRT) and actions by the military branches to incorporate it into “Inclusion and Diversity” training programs service-wide. In September 2020, the director of the Office of Management and Budget, Russell Vought, pointed out that millions of taxpayer dollars had been spent on this training so far.

Director Vought then directed that contractors (charging tens of thousands for such training) be identified and suspended on the basis that such training was a “propaganda effort that teaches or suggests either [1] that the United States is an inherently racist or evil country or [2] that any race or ethnicity is inherently racist or evil.”

In our estimation, this is a fair summary of what Critical Race Theory teaches at its core. Almost immediately upon assuming office, President Biden ordered that this training and indoctrination be resumed. If the military is carrying out these training directives to placate the current administration it should not be surprising that this kind of divisive morale problem, illustrated by the comments of LTC Rhodes, is created.

Sean Spoonts at Sofrep


Featured photo: Screenshot of LTC Andrew Rhodes via SOFREP

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