Louisiana Gun Store Shooting, 3 Dead, Including Suspect- Armed Bystanders Take Down Shooter

Metairie, Louisiana, Jefferson Parish – A shooting at a Louisiana Gun Store on Saturday left 3 people dead, including the suspect. Two others are in stable condition after also being shot. Armed bystanders were able to stop the shooting by killing the suspect.

Deputies responded to the Louisiana gun store at a around 3p.m. on Saturday. The incident occurred at the Jefferson Gun Outlet, which is near a local gun range on Airline Drive. A man entered the store with a loaded, unholstered gun. The clerk advised him that he should not have the gun loaded until he got inside the range. That prompted the man to shoot two people inside the store. The suspect’s name has not yet been released.

Good guys with guns stopped a mass shooting

Then the suspect went outside, where he was engaged by “multiple” armed bystanders and killed. Two other people who were shot during the exchange were transported to the hospital and are listed in stable condition, according to Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto.

At this time, it appears a suspect shot two victims inside the location, then was engaged and shot outside the location by multiple other individuals. The suspect is one of the deceased on scene.

Sheriff Joe Lopinto (Fox)

The Jefferson Gun Outlet bills itself as the “premier firearms outlet for the Greater New Orleans area.” It’s a strong possibility that their gun store and range could be in difficulty after this incident, based on the “cancel culture” climate that exists in the US today.

One person remarked on the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office post about the shooting, that they were worried about the gun store’s insurance being cancelled.

Good luck to Mike, but I don’t see em being open much longer… after something like that, business insurance is likely to drop him, and considering today’s political climate combined with what’s happening today, he gonna have a hard time finding/keeping the business insured. If they do manage to stay open, you think prices are high for purchases now?! Wait and see what they go to, so the owner can afford the new insurance rate.

Kevin Townsend

The Jefferson Gun Outlet has a policy that before you enter the range you must sign a waiver of liability…but this suspect never reached the range itself, he shot people inside the store.

That wasn’t very a very smart move by the shooter cause all the guys working there carry and you got people in the range!

Davd Holland

Well said, Mr Holland. He paid dearly for his stupidity. Unfortunately, so did four innocent people.


Featured photo: Screenshot via Twitter

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