Louisiana Gov Vetoes Constitutional Carry

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We previously wrote about the possibility that Louisiana Gov John Bel Edwards (D) would veto Constitutional Carry legislation and he has done so. In the usual narrative of advocates of permission slips from the government to exercise a Constitutional right, Gov Edwards claims to be a second amendment supporter and an “avid hunter.” (Which has nothing to do with the purpose of the second amendment.)

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The bipartisan legislation sent to his desk was passed with enough margin that they could easily override it, but it is not clear that they will do so. 1 Democrat voted with Republicans in the Senate, and 7 Democrats in the the House. The final count was: 73-28 in the House, and 27-9 in the Senate.

Gov Edwards couldn’t bring himself to allow the bipartisan legislation.

I simply cannot support carrying a concealed carry firearm without proper education and safety training. Our current system strikes the right balance of ensuring that people can bear arms while also keeping reasonable permitting and training processes in place … Simply put, it is not too much to ask that a person who wishes to carry a concealed weapon in public be required to attend basic marksmanship and safety training so they understand the regulations associated with such an action. For these reasons, I have vetoed the permitless carry bill

Louisiana Gov statement

The narrative that a state becomes a lawless wild west shootout with constitutional carry is extremely flawed, but prevalent, thanks to liberal media and anti-gun groups. As we previously reported, SB 118 “allows any resident who is 21 years of age or older and who is not prohibited from owning a firearm by state or federal law to carry a concealed gun without a permit.” (The Epoch Times) The bill requires the State Department of Public Safety to produce a 60 minute video on Concealed Carry, but does not require it.

Louisiana hasn’t held an override session since 1974. But it if does occur, it will be sometime in July and have more than the Constitutional Carry legislation to debate.


Featured photo: Screenshot via PBS in 2020

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