Louisiana Constitutional Carry Passes Legislature, Governor May Veto

louisiana constitutional carry

Louisiana Constitutional Carry (SB 118) passed their state legislature on Tuesday, and now heads to Governor John Bel Edwards’ desk. Unfortunately, Democrat Governor Edwards is likely to veto it. Whether or not the legislature can override that veto is anyone’s guess.

The Louisiana Constitutional Carry bill removes the necessity for gun owners to obtain a permit from the government, and also removes the necessity for firearms training, although law enforcement is still encouraged to produce a voluntary training video.

SB 118 would apply to adults who are at least age 21 and have not been convicted of a felony or violent crime. Morris’ bill retains the prohibition against carrying a concealed gun while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Concealed carriers still would be required to disclose they have a weapon and submit to a search when asked by law enforcement, which would have the right to disarm the carriers.

Supporters of the change argue law-abiding citizens have a constitutional right to carry concealed weapons without the government’s permission unless there is a compelling reason to stop them from doing so. Opponents argue requiring training and a permit to carry a concealed firearm is an appropriate safeguard for the public and for law enforcement that falls under the Second Amendment’s call for a “well regulated Militia.”

Senators voted 27-9 to concur with the House amendments, which included a requirement for state police to offer a voluntary 60-minute online concealed handgun education course.

House Bill 596, which has the same goal, has passed the House and a Senate committee advanced it Tuesday.

Minden Press-Herald

Numerous states have passed such bills over the last several years, an a flurry of them have passed since Biden took office. There are currently 20 states in the US that do not require a handgun permit to carry their weapon. Texas recently passed Constitutional Carry, and Governor Abbott said he would sign it which will add yet on more state to the list. Louisiana has a Democrat Governor, which makes a signature more problematical.

Contrary to media narratives, this kind of bill does not make people less safe, nor cause a state to become the “wild west.” It gives people the right to defend themselves.


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