London Honor Killing

By Faye Higbee

London: Sinead Wooding, 26, was in the process of converting to Islam, when she married Akshar Ali, 27, in 2015. But it was a mistake that ultimately took her life after he allegedly killed her because she began wearing Western dress and continued to see her parents as well as other friends that her husband had forbbidden. Others helped him hide her body and carry it into the woods. It was an “honor killing.” Ali’s trial is currently underway in London from the murder in May.

Gruesome murder

The murder occurred on May 11, as Wooding was at the home of her husband’s friend Yasmin Ahmed for a party. Sinead had begun wearing Western dress a few days prior. She also defied her husband’s demand that she stay way from her parents and former friends. It made for a volatile relationship.

The couple began to argue, then guests heard a loud bang. Ahmed went into the kitchen to see what happened, and returned, telling guests that Wooding had “fallen against the door” and everything was fine. Then she told them that Wooding had left the house. Except that she never left the house alive.

Prosecutor Nicholas Campbell, told the Leeds Court that she had been beaten severely with a claw hammer, which fractured her skull and incapacitated her. Later, she was repeatedly stabbed with a knife. One of the wounds cut across her windpipe. They moved her body to the cellar of the house, where it stayed for two days.

According to Breitbart,

“She was stabbed several times with at least one sharp bladed instrument, almost definitely a knife.”

Her body was allegedly kept in the cellar for two days, then “wrapped up [and] bound with wire” before two people were seen carrying it out at night, by a neighbour.

The burnt remains of Ms Wooding were discovered by a jogger in woods north of Leeds, on May 14, the court was told.

As the trial continues, Mr Ali’s brother, Asim, denies assisting an offender by procuring a vehicle and assisting in the disposal of Ms Wooding’s body. His mother, Aktahr Bi, denies making arrangements to dispose of the body.

The blood in Ahmed’s house belonged to Ms Wooding. Explaining all that away is going to be tough. Telling people that she was “fine” and left the party shows a complete lack of regard for human life. She could not cry out, she could only die with no one to help her.

In the United States

A Department of Justice study commissioned  in 2015  revealed that there are four types of honor violence: forced marriage, honor-based domestic violence, honor killing and female genital mutilation (FGM).

It suggested that “between 23 and 27 honor killings occur annually in the United States.” Over 90 percent of the victims in North America are murdered for being “too Westernized.” Disobedient, wearing ordinary clothes, speaking to boys, the list of forbidden things in Islam is completely contrary to the American way of life.

“Many people assume honor violence happens only in foreign countries, far away from our way of life. The fact is: honor violence is a silent epidemic in the United States, with large communities here who uphold the culture of honor and shame. And it is on the rise. I know because, from across our country, hundreds of frightened women and girls have reached out to the AHA Foundation, seeking help to escape dangerous situations. I know because the least fortunate victims end up in the headlines, murdered in honor killings. For each girl whose name appears in headlines, and for each girl who asks for help, there are countless more in the shadows, suffering in silence and afraid to seek help. ” Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Founder, AHA Foundation