Living under a Politically Correct Dictatorship

By Ioannis Stratakis

‘Live your myth in Greece’ that was a slogan used by the ministry of tourism a couple of years ago in order to attract tourists to visit Greece. Well I guess if you’re a leftist social justice warrior that slogan is directed specifically to you and the rest of your kind.

As I have mentioned quite a few times in previous articles, the current Greek government is a coalition of delusional idiots that day and night do their best to enforce all the directives of the Politically Correct Caliphate.

Refugees showing appreciation while at the same time engaging in ‘peaceful activities’…(sarcasm)

Under the current administration the country has received thousands upon thousands of refugees or to be precise illegal immigrants (since refugee status applies to the first country that is not engaged in hostilities and Greece not the first country one leaving Syria will encounter).

Well the great and glorious leftists that are running the show decided that they-the previously mentioned ‘refugees’- could be a great pool for voters and that also they could help ‘enrich’ the so far homogeneous (how horrible and disgusting not to be multicultural and diverse) population.

As Breitbart has reported and state agencies have confirmed on multiple occasions, ‘refugee’ camps are health risks due to diseases such as malaria that are wide spread among the occupants.

Feast your eyes upon this.(Yes I'm also fat shaming him right now)

Remember this  guy? The Minister of Education in Greece.

So a parents union in a small town decided to take matter into their own hands and oppose the government’s plan to provide education for the children of the ‘refugees’ in an effort to begin the assimilation process.

In their announcement they threatened to occupy the school if this takes place as it would create a huge health risk for their children. Of course the minister of education couldn’t let that pass and made an announcement. In that announcement he states that the local communities have no right whatsoever to oppose the government’s plans for the refugee assimilation.


Welcome to Greece, a state that runs in full compliance with the directives of the Politically Correct Caliphate. Come to live your myth here and enjoy the social justice utopia that the blessed rulers are imposing.


It’s at times like this one that you pray for someone over the pond to decide to create a volunteer brigade like ‘Brigada de Asalto 2506’. Blessed be all the men who were part of that organization for they fought against Marxism.