Livermore City Council Calls Blue Line Flag “Racist” – Community Reacts

By Faye Higbee

California – The Livermore City Council took a survey and decided that the Thin Blue Line flag that represents support for law enforcement is “racist,” along with the Confederate Battle Flag. Their rationale is that symbols used on city property must be “inclusive.” The residents of the city showed up in support of the flag.

The “woke” idiots who hate the thin blue line flag also appear to hate police. At least that’s the message they are sending by attempting to prevent the pro-police flag from being displayed anywhere on Livermore city property or even in neighborhoods.

“The thin blue line actually stands for the line between justice and injustice and evil and righteousness. So we support the thin blue line and we do that every day in our job.” 

Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern to Fox2(ktvu)

The Livermore city council “took inventory” and decided on the flag being “racist.” The thin blue line flag has never had anything to do with racism and is used to remember the fallen of law enforcement. It does have to do with law and order.

Last week, a Livermore city council committee deemed the “thin blue line” flag, along with the Confederate flag, racist symbols. The committee — comprised of community members and council members — was conducting an “inventory of racist symbols.”

The city council committee’s reasoning for taking inventory of these symbols had to do with making sure only inclusive symbols were displayed at city-owned properties.

Officials involved in the discussions hoped to make things transparent by posting the discussion notes of the committee online, the Pleasanton Weekly reported. However, their plan backfired on them, ruffling the feathers of many residents.


The Livermore City Council took exception to a Law Enforcement Today article that slammed their decision and actually included screenshots of the Council’s “inventory.” The Council referred to the article as “inflammatory.” In fact, the council’s “inventory” was “inflammatory.” The council claimed that there was nothing wrong with their assessments. And the community responded with a protest against the council.

In the above screenshots, it appears that the Livermore City Council is attempting to “dox” people who have a thin blue line flag (or any other of the so-called “symbols of hate”). It is absolutely none of the city’s business who has what flag or “symbol” on their own private property. To “expand their project” into neighborhoods is a giant-sized breach of privacy. And the council were angry with the Law Enforcement magazine. Every citizen of Livermore should be mad at the council.


Read the highlighted portion that says they want to use “persuasion” to “educate” people with those “symbols” in their yards. Translation: they want THEIR narrative, and no one should say anything different. Period.

“When the inventory is collected, the subgroup will develop the actions to take in response, such as education, policy changes or persuasion to address symbols that reflect and perpetuate systemic racism, while promoting symbols that reflect and perpetuate equity and inclusion.”

Law Enforcement Today quotation from the subgroup minutes

So the war on police continues, only this time the citizens of Livermore hit back with their protest. America is supposed to be the land of freedom, but it has become anything but free. The demand for conformity is a serious threat to liberty. We will NOT comply.


Featured photo: screenshot from ktuv video

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