Limburg, Germany Truck Ramming

By Faye Higbee

A truck ramming in Limburg, Germany left at least 16 people injured after a man driving a hijacked truck slammed into cars and pedestrians on Monday evening at a traffic light. Police warned against thinking that it was a terror attack. The driver was allegedly screaming “allah” numerous times during the incident, according to local media. Injuries ranged from light to one serious. Police upped the injury count to 17 later on.

The incident occurred around 5:20 Limburg. The Google translation is not exact- it appears from the reports locally that only one of the people injured was critical, the others were not killed.
Local police first issued this statement (Google translation):

Larger police operation in Limburg, Limburg ad Lahn, Schiede, Monday, 07.10.2019, at 17:20

(pa) Currently there is a major police operation in Limburg. According to previous findings, a man drove a truck on the Schiede on several vehicles and pushed them together. About a dozen people were killed easily, one person seriously injured. The driver of the truck was provisionally arrested by the police. Traffic around the Schiede may be disrupted.

Later it was revamped:

Several injured after collision with trucks, Limburg ad Lahn, Schiede, Monday, 07.10.2019, at 17:20

As already reported at 18:40 clock, it continues to be a major police operation in the city center of Limburg. A man had driven up to several vehicles with a truck on the Schiede and had pushed them together. Currently, several injured people are being treated in nearby hospitals. The driver of the truck was provisionally arrested and numerous witnesses are questioned.

According to initial findings and several testimonies, a man had grabbed a truck around 17:20 clock. After a short drive along the Schiede he collided with several cars at the level of the district court and pushed them together. The driver of the truck had been slightly injured, was arrested by the police and then treated in an ambulance.

There are currently no adequate insights into the background. The investigations, such as witness hearings and forensic evidence are still ongoing.

They also tweeted (Google translation):

The suspect has been arrested, our investigation is underway – please refrain from speculation. Nobody needs trolls or wild sparks.

Police did not release further information, and carefully refrained from stating that the man shouted “allah” several times. Their statement warns people against terror speculation. Few people paid any attention to the warning.

The truck’s original driver was carjacked, and the suspect dragged him out of his truck. The suspect was not talkative at the time, but became so later. He then proceeded to smash into several cars and people. The suspect is currently in “provisional” custody. Police have not confirmed that it was a terror attack, and are not likely to do so.

According to the Frankfurt Neue Presse,

“That changed after the accident. Other witnesses of the event wanted to help the man first, but then went back on distance, because the man spoke Arabic and spoke of Allah.”

Featured photo screenshot via Twitter video
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