Liberte Austin: Freedom Protector

Liberte Austin

Liberte Austin is a contender on the show Surviving Mann. She was born in Austin, Texas, and she is a staunch freedom protector – she loves God, guns, hunting, veterans, is involved in helping law enforcement that has been defunded, works as part of the legal defense industry, attends law school, and is involved in the 2A community as a certified firearms instructor. In her “spare time” she fosters puppies of rescued animals, (including pitbulls) for Dawgs Fight Back. On top of that she is one gorgeous patriot.

Liberte Austin is not her real name, but it’s a pseudonym that fits her completely. She told us she didn’t grow up with guns in the house because her parents “thought they were for bad guys.” Liberte is a survivor of a violent crime that resulted in the sexual assault of her sister. She calls that situation her “wake up call.” And it’s why she carries a gun. You can read the whole story here:

Liberte Austin with one of her favorite firearms

When you have been victimized you are stripped of your power and only you can regain it by picking yourself up and saying NOT TODAY SATAN. I’m grateful to say that because of my faith in God I never stopped fighting for a solution. Family members thought I was crazy, friends stopped calling me to hang out. Seriously, I have been ridiculed for my beliefs BUT I’m proud to stand for the 2nd, I’m proud to stand for conservatism and mostly I’m proud to stand for Jesus Christ. This is what a law abiding, America loving, God fearing, gun-loving citizen looks like! NEVER STOP STANDING UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE. If the haters scream ‘STOP’ THEN WE SCREAM LOUDER-NEVER-GIVE-UP!! #2A #defendthesecond #2alife

Liberte Austin on Instagram (post for 8-13-2019)

Now, as a certified firearms instructor, she loves to teach women how to use a firearm, especially if they have never shot before. She also teaches men how to shoot properly. But she’s not just excellent with firearms – she has taken many self-defense classes as well – like Krav Maga for example, the official self defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces. In addition to firearms, she is also an accomplished bow hunter. Don’t mess with her….just sayin’.

She told us she has been hunting for the last 10-15 years. She was not aware of the firearms community until she started posting on Instagram. Now she is considered an influencer and has 194,000 followers.

She is co-founder of “Defend The Badge“, a nonprofit that works for safer communities by assisting police departments that have been defunded. They help purchase equipment that a department cannot afford, and promote respect and support for law enforcement within communities.

She works with US Law Shield, a law group that comes to the aid of people in court should they be forced to shoot someone in self-defense. They work hard to protect the freedom of Americans.

 As a survivor myself, I understand the emotional rollercoaster that the legal system takes you on to find you justice. At U.S. Lawshield my passions come full circle as I’m able to fight for those who have been through the same. 

Liberte Austin
The day she took Luna to the gun range

She also fosters puppies for Dawgs Fight Back – currently she has a pregnant dog as well as 9 puppies to take care of. And then there’s Luna, her beautiful German Shepherd. Needless to say, this patriotic American is busy all the time. Best wishes for all that is ahead of you, Liberte!

Featured photo: Liberte Austin as she participated in Surviving Mann.

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